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  1. It's a strech, and I'm not even saying I'm a believer, but I seen some pictures of the pro bowl workouts today. Then I remembered how odd those unveiled uniforms looked for the game in October. If you replace the grey with NY Giants blue, looks enough like the superbowl teams. Even the helmets would be indicative of the right conferences. Just thought it was interesting.
  2. I like Korea and Japan. Im not sure if the Chinese one is an improvement. Not that its bad, but I kind of like the old english font that they use. Can't help you on the CT, don't know much of anything about it.
  3. I would really like to see it witout the outline. Nice work!
  4. ok, but what makes it different then other drugs, to then deem it necessary to make it illegal. Im sorry about your friends, but they still should have the right to make those choices. I personally enjoy pot, but I do tire of it, and wont smoke it for awhile. I feel more then responsible enough to make my own decisions about it. I have had nothing but plesant experiences with people while using it, observing others without, which is MUCH more then I can say for alcohol.
  5. perhaps i wrote that poorly. I wasnt intending to make a doctor knows best statement, as much as if it can be concieved to have a positive use, why thereforare we not allowed to self medicate? Is it even possible to overdose on it? All the laws we dont agree on tend to derive from people who want conformity to what they belive is the best way to exsist. I guess im just waiting for an example of the negative outward effect pot has on society. That also of which the other accepted drugs cannot lay claim to. I also disagree with the statement that most professional athletes have cloudy personal lives because of the evidence in books. News of this nature in relation to the personal lives of athletes has to be UNusual to make it newsworthy. If Joe Schmoe has an uneventful off the field life, he's still out there, you just dont hear about it. Id be willing to guess for every 9 guys like Joe, there's one guy doing something news worthy.
  6. if a doctor can write you a script for it, how is it obviously bad? alcohol, cigs, and plenty of legal drugs have far worse side effects. its only illegal because it is more profitable to remain so. I dont condone breaking laws, but im all for questioning them. As far as 'role models', i thinks its unrealistic to expect people to act perfect. Maybe if he was trying to achive sucess for fame, but my guess is he just set out to be the best he could at what he loves doing. All we should really expect of anyone is that they do nothing to infringe our right to live as we please.
  7. what is so terrible about suggesting there is a preffered outcome? If fans care as much as they do, wouldnt it seem to stand that the league, who will actually profit from the outcome, would have a preference? i dont think its a crazy notion at all. now if you want to point to the six hash marks in the logo, or the correlation between the terrible towels and the penalty flags, you might be reaching. Personally, I feel that believing in the authenticity of professional sports being comepleley unscripted is like arguing the exsistance of santa and the easter bunny. And how much more enjoyable are the holidays for those that still do? the major difference is, if you take away the stories, its just millionaires chasing balls around. But i certinly enjoyed it when i still believed, and if you still do? good 4 u ;-)
  8. Aren't those pics from the Champs Sports Bowl?
  9. Don't schools have art classes anymore? With all the money that seems to be going into the sports programs at the high school level, I don't think anybody can really cry poor about getting new logos made designed by kids that actually go to the school that represents them through athletic competition.
  10. Actually, I believe Arrowhead is more of a rip-off of Arizona. I went to Muskego (WI). Last I seen, my school still used black/red, with the FSU spear on it.
  11. Wow. Those look amazing. Nice work! How rugged are the decals? Could they be made in a larger size? Possibly for a snomobile helmet?
  12. Very nice. Better then anything else I've come across on GLB thusfar. Just started playing it a couple days ago. Nice work!
  13. I don't think he was ever convicted, was he? Besides, its cool with R.P McMurphy
  14. Ok, I would assume thats true to some degree. And maybe my problem more likes with the smartass anchors on the show. Whenever they have 4 guys on a web poll, and its not Eli or Jeter winning, then its because the people in the midwest have nothing better to do then be homers and go on the internet, instead of assuming that those in the "East Coast" viewership arent buying all their hype. Another thing that kind of got under my skin was "Rutgers". They jumped way up the charts last year in the polls, and personally, I think that was influenced by the same people that feel the network benefits from catering. We have Rutgers rolling over all kinds of teams in the rankins, while playing in the "Big Least". I see teams every year with great records, and it takes years for a program to get respect in the polls. Rutgers didnt need to put its time in, its just in the right place. And to me, thats bull. Right now on Cold Pizza, they are talking about "Jay Feely", I bet even giants fans dont care about that, lol