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  1. Blue was dropped when they came out with the new logos. Gray trim is used by the football team and I still see the baseball and basketball teams wearing orange and black. They just updated the turf with the new logos but the blue accents remained. I’m thinking they’ll replace it eventually with a move to the WAC coming up. Lamar is getting new turf for their move to the WAC.
  2. College Football Revamped has done a great job with updating uniforms and presentations (ESPN graphics). Looking forward to the new game though.
  3. 1. Not a fan of two different style end zones 2. Miss the conference logos / 2 helmet template. 3. Why does the 49ers helmet have no stripes? This bugged me in the regular season too.
  4. New turf going in at UH. Roughnecks might get their own look after all.
  5. Saw video of LA today from training camp. The light masks are now being used.
  6. Love the old 49ers end zone, but not putting stripes on the helmet bugs me. Can’t remember if they skipped the stripes back in 80’s and 90’s too.
  7. Powder blue hat is awful. The old Rangers script was much better than the updated version and the TX hat reminds me of those cheap state hats you see in gas stations when traveling.
  8. The Astros wore white at home and cream (some call it Alamo) on the road during that period. While there isn’t a ton of difference, there were actually different home and road sets.
  9. High school players in Texas are starting to wear their shorts, shorter and shorter. I’m seeing it trickle into college when they move up too.
  10. Not a fan of the little notches added to the BU logo on the uniforms.
  11. I know the white is part of the branding (drives me nuts when I see media outlets use the logo without the white center stripe on a non white background). The logo looks better to me on a navy or red background with then entire logo surrounded by white in my opinion. I was lucky enough to cover the team when the white helmet was originally introduced, and was happy when they went with navy instead.
  12. The white Texan helmet looked awful in my opinion. Their logo is built with a think white outline around it. Just looks thinner to me on a white background.
  13. I cover Lamar here in Beaumont. Was never a fan of the set of uniforms you based these off (think that set is around 4-5 years old). I like the clean design for the helmets. Last year the black helmets became good luck. Football is the last team really holding on to the use of the Cardinal head. Most have switched to the interlocking LU.
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