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  1. Dallas only had three sets.
  2. Could I get a burnt orange Texas jersey with the number 3? Thanks.
  3. Could I get a Texas Rangers one with red in the middle and blue on the outside that says, "Making History." Thank you.
  4. There was a press conference but I can't find any pics of it. Anyways Dez Bryant will be wearing 88 for the Cowboys.
  5. Could I get these? Cowboys Longhorns Longhorn Alternate Thanks
  6. I don't know if you are still doing this or not but I noticed you didn't do one for Texas. Could I get one with #12 and a BCS National Championship patch on it? Thanks.
  7. They're selling these terrible Cowboys replicas at Walmarts in the Dallas area. It seems like the outnumber real replicas and authentics at Cowboys games now.
  8. The press conference wasn't just for the uniforms, it was primarily for introducing the new players to the public.
  9. Huge downgrade for the Mavs then, I'd much rather have these in green still. Here's the first photo I could find of a player sporting the new alt.
  10. A german website posted this today and claimed it was the Mavs new alternate. I personally think it's a photoshop job but we'll see tonight.
  11. Request: Player: Marion Barber Team: Dallas Cowboys Resolution: 1280x800
  12. Could I get a Texas Longhorns one and Dallas Cowboys one? Thanks.
  13. Maybe cause it's in the Mavs logo?