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  1. Sure I'll try it. I'm tired of lurking... I won't do very well, but sure, I'll give it a shot.
  2. The uniforms look nice, it's just the logos don't really compliment them. The Primary looks stale, kind of bland in a sense. I like the current logo they use because of the colors mixed in. Your's reminds me of a soda can with edges sticking out, especially with the lack of color. The secondary has potential. The black in the background looks nice, but it took me a while to realize what the things covering it were. I like the wordmark a lot, though it would look better with the black hurriacne used in the secondary. The font looks "strong" and could easily work. It's not a bad concept, it just needs some slight changes and it would look good.
  3. I would love for a hockey team to come back to AC, and this logo would definately be a great choice. It looks balanced, and it surprisingly looks good for such a unique variation on the Flyers logo. Good job, I like it.
  4. All the Blue jays concepts that have been attempted seemed to be lacking personality. They were somewhat bland... but this one really brings everything together. I love the primary logo. It looks natural, as opposed to some designs that have tried to incorporate a maple leaf or tried different colors. The second wordmark also manages to fit well with the logo. A slightly darker shade of blue may have been better, but nonetheless, it is still good. The cap logos are fine. I'm not really liking the partially obstructed "T" on the second one, but it works. Same with the others. All in all, it was a pretty solid concept. It is definitely an improvement over what they use now. One of my favorite blue jays concepts I've seen so far.
  5. It's a bit plain, which doesn't have to be a bad thing, but it doesn't really work for me. I guess the home and away could work, but the alternates don't fit with everything else.
  6. I like it. Very sleek and modern looking. I'm not too sure about the batting scenario but it's a definate improvement over what they're using now.
  7. MLB: Yankees NFL: Giants NHL: Devils NBA: Nets
  8. I have mixed feelings toward them. Good color combination, and the numbers look nice, but they seem to be lacking any "flare". Especially on the away jerseys, where it looks like they lack any sort of flow between the stripes and the colors. Maybe change the color of the gray stripe and it would look better? It looks to me like the gray is holding it back from being a good concept. It's not bad, but very close to becoming good.
  9. upperdeck

    MLB 2028

    The black alternate one is my new favorite of the 14 made so far. The lettering looks really nice. Incorperating black was a real good decsion, especially on the road jerseys.
  10. upperdeck

    Jaguars Concept

    I like the simplicity. It looks really nice in black and white, but they looks a bit off in teal. The black are the better of the pants and would, in my opinion, look good with either of the jerseys. All in all, they look pretty good.
  11. upperdeck

    MLB 2028

    It looks really nice. Great choice of font, too, and the gold really brings it all together.
  12. Great job, the color changes make the uniforms look sharper without taking away from anything. It's a definate improvement to what use now.
  13. Yeah, the Angels-Yanks game was crazy. They could've put the Yankees away so many times, but they didn't. I thought it was over after Nady's 3-run homer, then Texiera hit the grand slam...it was a fun game to watch if only because the Yanks came out on top. Still, it's good to split the series with a team considered the "best in baseball" right now.
  14. It's nice. I'm not too sure about the script, but the color combination and the logos look really good. Same with the uniforms.
  15. I don't dislike it, it's just that theres nothing special about it. It's just a simple, clean logo that doesn't really standout for me.