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  1. I know this is a bit far fetched, but humour me. ('cause you need a little comic relief every now and then). Sitting pondering today, I thought of this scenario... Picture it, Quebec, June 2016. Bettman walks out on the ice to present the Nouveau-Nordiques with the Cup. You can hear the boos from here. Just a wall of sound, in English and French. (Not saying it'd actually happen, but it'd certainly put a smile on my face after this huge debacle.)
  2. Outstanding, Sweden has to be my favourite so far. Shame there's no Great Britain, we did participate in the '13 WBC. (I appreciate that you've explained in the first post how you arrived at the pools )
  3. Might have been asked before, but any hurdles on potential new names for a Seattle team? As an example from above - does anyone in the area own the "Totems" nickname? Not that they'd use it, but what if they wanted to use 'Pilots'; would they have to get permission from MLB?
  4. Apparently, yes according to this map: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Coyote_subspecies_distribution_map.svg There's a specific subspecies - the Northwest Coast Coyote.
  5. Wouldn't it be great if the 'Seattle Coyotes' emulated the Pilots and had their moving trucks re-routed (this time to Quebec instead of Milwaukee)? Cruel I know.
  6. But sooner or later they start monologing long enough to be brought down.
  7. But from the lion's perspective he is going forward.
  8. That sir is a thing of sheer beauty! Its a great collection of logos, I doff my hat to you.
  9. Glad to see there might just be a little more progress with this saga at long last. I know I'm talking hypothetical here, but what would happen (now the 'sale' of the team has fallen through), if the owners of Jobbing just locked the team out, would the league require them to continue to play at some hastily arranged venue or do they just cease to compete until the situation is resolved (ie. move to Quebec *cough*) ?
  10. That Tricolour secondary is fantastic! The primary ain't bad either. Not sure I like the use of the flag in the goal crease but that's just me.
  11. Yes, sadly they are now part of Kraft. Cadbury's should be a Birmingham sponsor really, as Bournville is not that far from the Second City.
  12. Woah I've only just found this thread (don't know what rock I've been hiding under...). These concepts are pure awesomeness wrapped in sheer brilliance. Everything is just amazing and well executed. I don't think I could pick a favourite, but IX Counties, the Aggies and Exhibition certainly stand out for me. Well done sir, I doff my hat to you. BTW that circular bracket thing is genius!
  13. I love that glass top deck, not that you'd probably see much of the skyline from ice level, but its a nice touch.
  14. That was a brilliant identity all-around. Shame that it was relatively short-lived. Shame they could make that into some sort of secondary logo for the Noveau-Nords. Did they have a mascot before? if not I think we've got a contender.
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