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  1. I wonder how many people have to sign off on a uniform change before it's formally adopted?
  2. The Rams' jersey numbers had a distinct shiny effect under the lights. Almost like they were made of vinyl or something similar.
  3. Watching the Rams-Cowboys game now. The Rams' helmets are...meh. But the jerseys look like something that came out of a Goodwill bin. Good grief. They gave up the block numbers and shoulder horns for this?
  4. Has the shade of aqua in the Miami Dolphins uniforms stayed consistent over the years or has it varied?
  5. Still a fan of the old-school look, but I can live with the helmet horn redesign. Don't care for the new number font as I think block numbers look best.
  6. That Rams' Color Rush uniform almost blinded me. Heck, they should be lined up on either side of a runway at night. On the positive side, the helmets look sharp.
  7. Always liked the Ram's helmet. The design seems kind of timeless and simple:
  8. The Dolphins' hideous uniforms were probably enough to cause violent reactions among epileptic viewers.
  9. Are "yellow" and "gold" really the same thing?
  10. I think the old, wider horn designs looked best. The newer ones just look too skinny.
  11. I'm sorry, but this should be the only choice for the LA Rams:
  12. I'm not sure if there are any active or ex-military here that have been assigned to South Korea, but that place (at least around Osan Air Base) has a lot of shops that sell fake sports merchandise. You can go into a shop with a picture of any jersey and they'll make it for you. That copyright/trademark stuff is for the "silly white people". I was stationed at Osan in 1991/1992 and saw a lot of these jerseys being made & purchased. Never bought one myself (wasn't really into sports back then) but I would imagine that the fakes are much better quality nowadays.
  13. The wife bought this for me. I think it cost $40 or so, so I can't complain too loudly:
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