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  1. I wonder how many people have to sign off on a uniform change before it's formally adopted?
  2. The Rams' jersey numbers had a distinct shiny effect under the lights. Almost like they were made of vinyl or something similar.
  3. Watching the Rams-Cowboys game now. The Rams' helmets are...meh. But the jerseys look like something that came out of a Goodwill bin. Good grief. They gave up the block numbers and shoulder horns for this?
  4. Has the shade of aqua in the Miami Dolphins uniforms stayed consistent over the years or has it varied?
  5. Still a fan of the old-school look, but I can live with the helmet horn redesign. Don't care for the new number font as I think block numbers look best.
  6. That Rams' Color Rush uniform almost blinded me. Heck, they should be lined up on either side of a runway at night. On the positive side, the helmets look sharp.
  7. Always liked the Ram's helmet. The design seems kind of timeless and simple:
  8. The Dolphins' hideous uniforms were probably enough to cause violent reactions among epileptic viewers.
  9. Are "yellow" and "gold" really the same thing?
  10. I think the old, wider horn designs looked best. The newer ones just look too skinny.
  11. I'm sorry, but this should be the only choice for the LA Rams:
  12. Were the Rams the last NFL team to use heat-pressed jersey numbers?
  13. I think the rams' horn design on those older outfits looked way better than their current throwbacks. The horns were wider, but I guess the current "no sleeves" trend makes that somewhat impractical.
  14. Regarding the Rams' old Royal Blue and Yellow outfits, was "Yellow" the official name or was there another designation for it?
  15. UPDATE: Ordered one of the #57 Tom Jackson jerseys out of curiosity. On the positive side, it appears to be well constructed and is 100% polyester (don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing). Country of origin is the Philippines. On the negative side, the label notes that it's not colorfast so hand washing and hang drying (or low tumble dry) would be recommended. Overall, I'd say it's a decent deal considering the overall quality.
  16. This is a Tom Jackson jersey from the same vendor (and presumably the same manufacturer). Sleeve stripes are different and name letters lack the blue borders:
  17. How close is this EBay replica/fake regarding number font and nameplate? Did the letters have the blue trim in a jersey of that era?
  18. When teams receive jerseys from the manufacturer, are team logos (if any) already applied or does the team have to attach those?
  19. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I suppose. I always thought they looked great (or, when they were introduced in 1973, "hip") ;D
  20. I guess I use the old "classic" uniforms as a baseline of comparison, and (IMHO) they were great. I've always called them "Royal Blue and Yellow" because that's basically their appearance. What were the official names for those colors?
  21. Purely one of those 'eye of the beholder" things, but I always thought the older, wider Rams' horns looked best on that helmet. They're also slightly angled at the front:
  22. The world is awash in various camo patterns:
  23. I think West Coast Choppers (Jesse James' company) uses it for their logo.