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  1. 1 year at $4 mil is hardly "back to their old ways"....it's about the same as what they signed Straka to last season... A Devils fan lecturing someone on fiscal responsibility in the "new NHL" is kinda humorous...how much are you guys paying Mogilny & McGillis to play for Lowell again? And for that matter, how much are y'all payin Malakhov to sit on his butt and do nothing?
  2. Italy had more chances? Are you drunk? From what I saw through the 2nd half and in the Extra Time, the French were pushing the play forward a LOT more than Italy was... That being said, the French couldn't finish to save their lives (Henry had a chance early in the 2nd and couldn't convert...Ribery came close to burying one, but put it wide in OT...and then there was the Zidane header that Buffon turned aside in what was the save of the game, IMO).. The only real chance Italy had was negated by an obvious offside....other than that, the Azzuri were playing the football equivalent of a neutral zone trap the rest of the way...especially when it was late in the 2nd half in in the OT periods. As for the Zidane incident, who the hell knows what Materazzi said to him, but it must have been something that set Zidane off to get a reaction like that. But then again, the Italians did JACK when they had the man advantage...they just sat back and packed their zone....not that that's shocking seeing a lot of teams do the same thing when the situation arises. But, when it came down to it, the Italians converted their PKs....and they should have been kissing that crossbar after Trezeguet's shot off of it that proved to be the margin of victory....
  3. 23 here Only ones I couldn't get are 6, 8, 10, 13, 14, 18, & 24
  4. A nice little what-if thanks to a play that was missed in the 2002 World Cup... Caught Red Handed Frings' Handball Costs Germany, Helps Propels USA to Semis June 21, 2002 ULSAN, Korea -- For a while, it looked as if Germany had their tickets punched for the semi-final round of the 2002 World Cup, especially after Michael Ballack blasted a shot past Brad Friedel late in the first half. However, those dreams came crashing down in a hurry after a massive blunder gave the United States new life. German midfielder Torsten Frings was called for a handball in the box and given a red card by referee Hugh Dallas. US striker Brian McBride converted the penalty kick, just beating German keeper Oliver Kahn. The game completely turned the US's way as they pressed their man advantage and wore down the Germans. Kahn came up with some key saves to keep the Germans alive, but was finally beaten in injury time by a strike by Landon Donovan from just outside of the 18. The 2-1 win advances the US to the World Cup Semifinals for the first time since the inaugural event in Uruguay in 1930. They will meet the winner of tomorrow's match betwee South Korea & Spain for the right to advance to the Finals. ======================================== June 25, 2002 NEXT STOP, YOKOHAMA! US Ousts Korea, Advances To Finals SEOUL, Korea -- The 2002 World Cup has seen it's share of surprises so far, starting with Senegal's stunning win over France in the opening match and continuing with the stunning play of some sides that weren't highly regarded going into the tournament. Two of the more remarkable teams met up tonight in Seoul as the United States met up with co-hosts South Korea in an improbable semifinal match. In an evenly matched game, much like their encounter in group play Daegu just 2 1/2 weeks ago, the Koreans and Americans both played patiently and waited to exploit a mistake by their opponent. In the 75th minute, the US took advantage of a breakdown in the defense for Korea and made the most of it as Claudio Reyna converted a free kick just outside of the box and gave the US a lead they would never relinquish. The 1-0 win advances the US to the Finals of the World Cup for the first time ever, marking a strong recovery from their lackluster performance in France just 4 years ago. ===================================== So Close.... Ronaldo Too Much For US June 30, 2002 YOKOHAMA, Japan -- In the end, the brilliance of one player changed the complexion of everything. The United States, who weren't even favored to make it out of their group when the tournament began a month ago, saw their Cinderella run come to an end, falling to Brazil 2-0. Brazil's superstar striker Ronaldo notched both goals, giving him 8 for the tournament and securing the Golden Boot (top scorer in the World Cup) and Golden Ball (World Cup MVP) awards. The victory gave Brazil their 5th World Cup and their 2nd in the last 3. However, the young American team has nothing to hang their heads about according to coach Bruce Arena. "We surprised a lot of the experts this time around," he stated in the post-game press conference. "Coming into the tournament, nobody expected us to last in a group that had Portugal and Poland among the competition. Then, nobody really gave us a shot against Mexico in the round of 16. Then it was supposed to end against Germany in the quarters. Nobody thought we'd be able to defeat Korea in front of 60,000+ in Seoul either. Getting to the Finals was a major accomplishment and it's no dishonour to lose to a side like Brazil. They're the champions for a reason." Even the world champion Brazilians were impressed by their opposition. "They played imaginatively throughout the entire tournament," commented Brazilian coach Luiz Felipe Scolari. "It wouldn't have been a dishonour to lose them if the results were reversed." "The US has come a long way," Brazilian captain Cafu commented, "They're going to be a force in world football for a long time." As a consolation, the media covering the World Cup elected goalkeeper Brad Friedel, midfielder Claudio Reyna, and midfielder Landon Donovan to the All-World Cup team. Also, Friedel captured the Lev Yashin Award as the tournament's top keeper. As a final consolation, the United States were judged to be the Most Entertaining Side of the tournament by the media.
  5. Hell yes! I'll second that... ALLEZ LES BLEUS! Be nice to see Zizou go out in style.
  6. Freddy Adu has said he's seriously considering playing for Ghana rather then the USofA. He can't, as he has already played for the US in a World Cup qualifying match. Muahaha On Sportsnet they said he could still opt toplay of Ghana, seeing as he never played a second for the US in the World Cup Finals. Right, I remember him saying on PTI that he would play for the US or Ghana. I do think that Ghana is on the rise in terms of international soccer, and how they made it to the round of 16, unlike the US. So maybe Freddy would be more inclined to play for Ghana since they had a better World Cup than the US. Well, there's something else to it as well... Adu & Bruce Arena didn't see eye to eye on a bunch of things, which kinda brought the whole "I could play for Ghana" thing into play. However, seeing Arena's probably on his way out, I think there's a chance Adu will be playin for the US in 2010... Besides, he's only 17 for cripes sake...very very very rare to see someone that young on a team (and even still, it's even rarer for them to play....how many minutes did Theo Walcott play for England in this World Cup? Thought so...) Anyways, getting back to players being able to play for multiple nationalities, it's not that uncommon... Examples: --Owen Hargreaves (stalwart in England's midfield, born in Canada) --Deco (Portuguese striker, originally from Brazil) --Alex (Brazilian born, but naturalized Japanese citizen) --Joao Ricardo & Figureido (Portuguese citizens, but both chose to play for the place they were born...Angola (as in they were born there when it was still a colony of Portugal, but left after indepenence in 1975).) --Miro Klose & Lukas Podolski (German stars, but both born in Poland) Heck, a good chunk of Australia's roster could have played for Croatia and vice versa.
  7. Half right... Righetti threw the no-no... The last out was Wade Boggs.
  8. Nope...it's Der Kaiser himself, Franz Beckenbauer... That's quite funny especially in light of what happened in Dortmund today
  9. The dark jersey is alright... The new home jersey? GAWD AWFUL! That template (the Isles 3rd) just doesn't work out that well to be honest on a white base. I've seen the BST use the orange tiger before (they've had special jerseys that aped the Isles set...to be honest, the new tiger woulda looked pretty good on the white version of the Isles jersey)... And yeah, jab hit it on the head...the Tiger name was in honor of PT Barnum, who called Bridgeport home (and Bethel is a Danbury suburb...it's about 30-35 min. north of BPT)...the Sound portion is b/c Bridgeport sits right on Long Island Sound (seeing there's a regular ferry from there to Port Jefferson in Suffolk County)...
  10. Makes sense...every other minor pro, major junior, and college league already mandates shields or full cages. It'll happen in the NHL soon enough...heck, you woulda thought it woulda happened after the Bryan Berard incident a few years ago.
  11. Ugh...the Nets are trying to do their best to make me actually care about them.... First they picked up Cliff Robinson during the season...now they draft Marcus Williams & Josh Boone... Hell, they might as well rename themselves the New Jersey Huskies at this point.
  12. Germany v. Argentina: GERMANY Italy v. Ukraine: DRAW (Italy wins on PKs in probably the most boring match ever) England v. Portugal: ENGLAND Brazil v. France: BRAZIL
  13. Guess he was going with the old addage of "if I'm gonna get tossed, I might as well make it worth my while" It's like a bad car wreck on the highway, you can't help looking at it... Yeah, he'll get suspended by the league...that's a given. I don't think there's any debate there...if the team wants to tack on, that's their perogative. However, the comments afterwords? Pure comedy gold...
  14. Yea, why would Neill even go to his feet. He should know that a slide tackle in the box is a penalty kick, why take the risk. It was a questionable call, but Italy was eliminated on a horrible call in 2002. Plus Australia got to play a man up for the final 40 minutes (on a bad red card call). What's with all the hate for Italy on these board? I haven't noticed where they are "flopping" any more than most other teams. Is it because of the gambling scandal? That reminds me.... Oh and.... BRASIL ALL THE WAY!!!! No, it's just because Totti LITERALLY flopped on his way down. Even Marcello Balboa applauded Totti for creating the penalty kick by diving. I thought if you dove, that would mean a foul the other way, but apparently not. I heard about Italy flopping, but now that I've seen it for myself in 2 games (US, and this one.), they are indeed the most famous divers I have ever seen. The weird thing is, Australia got hacked all over the place in the box, and yet "Play On" was called. Australia got robbed, IMO. Just a brutal call...it's a call that would probably get made anyway in this World Cup , but the timing of it was just awful. And yes, the card the Italian player got was as much of a joke as a few of the other reds handed out in this tournament. In contrast, even though the Ukraine/Switzerland game was about as thrilling as watching paint dry (can't blame the Swiss for playing the footy equivalent of the Four Corners...I'd want to keep Shevchenko from getting the ball too), the ref (who's from Mexico) did a pretty solid job...only 1 yellow card in that game...and it was a good call. Getting back to the Azzuri.... Italy's pretty lucky to be as far as they are now....Outside of beating down an undermanned and demoralized Czech Republic in the final match of group play, they haven't impressed me that much at ALL during this tourney (especially in the game with the US...10 v. 9 for pretty much the 2nd half and all they could manage was a tie? What a joke!) They might get past Ukraine in the Quarters, but the ride ends in the Semis...seeing I think either Germany or Argentina would eat them for lunch...and don't count on a 3rd place finish for em either, seeing they'll probably get either England, Portugal, or Brazil in Munich for that match....
  15. Well, you have to admit, Zeke's done a pretty good job of repeating what he did to the CBA with the Knicks...at least Toronto and Indiana were smart enough to show him the door before he could cause widespread destruction. The Knicks might as well get used to the Atlantic Division basement...seeing I don't see them leaving it any time soon. Ill-advised trades, picking up salaries that there's no possible way to get rid of (I mean, it's almost to the point where even Scott Layden would have thought twice about getting a few of these guys)....It's to the point where I truly feel sorry for Knicks fans. Even the Clippers weren't this inept. To me, canning Brown is like getting a nice paint job on a Yugo...it might be snazzy and all, but at the end of the day, it's still a Yugo!
  16. Germany v. Sweden: DRAW Argentina v. Mexico: ARGENTINA England v. Ecuador: ENGLAND Portugal v. Netherlands: NETHERLANDS ADDING PART 2 Italy v. Australia: ITALY Switzerland v. Ukraine: SWITZERLAND Brazil v. Ghana: BRAZIL Spain v. France: SPAIN
  17. Seemed to me both teams were playing for the tie and nothing else...then again, I saw what Van Basten was trying to do in keeping most of the guys with 1 card on the bench for this one (would be kinda bad to have guys like Robben and Van Bommel watching the Round of 16 from the stands instead of being out there)... And with the potency of Argentina's lineup, I'll take the point and be happy, thankyouverymuch....that being said, I see Argentina taking Mexico out behind a certain woodshed in the next round.... As for Portugal, it would be nice for the Oranje to give Portugal a bit of payback for Euro 2004....just have to remind Figo, Cristiano Ronaldo, and company they're not on their home turf THIS time around
  18. Heck, like I stated earlier...I'm a CT resident and I'm not bitter about it anymore...what happened happened... Besides, it only took the former residents of the Hartford Civic Center 6 years to catch up to the current residents of the HCC in hoisting a championship banner (seeing the Whale's replacements, the Wolfpack, hoisted the Calder Cup in 2000)
  19. Congrats to the Canes and the folks in Raleigh...yeah, seems strange for a guy that grew up a short ride up I-84 from the Hartford Civic Center wishing a team owned by Karmanos well, but hey...it's been nearly 10 years...time to let it go as far as I'm concerned. There's 4 guys I'm especially happy for with all of this...3 will get their names on the Cup for sure...one other won't as he works behind the scenes in a way, but deserves my hearty congratulations... First is Rod Brind'Amour...always liked the guy, even when he was a Flyer...one of the more underrated players in the NHL if you asked me. Glad to see him get to skate the Cup around finally. Second would be Glen Wesley...18 long years for Big Red...seeing him with the B's back in the day had me respecting the guy well before he joined the Whalers...in a twist of irony, it was kinda funny to see him going against Sergei Samsonov, who the B's took with one of the draft picks they got from the Whalers as compensation for signing him. Third is Doug Weight...he missed out on the fun in 1994 with the Rangers thanks to one of the many trades they made with Edmonton. And seeing how he was THE meal ticket for the Oilers for quite a few seasons, it had to be a bit bittersweet for Dougie finally accomplishing his dream against a team he was a part of for quite a while. The last guy I'm happy for is one you never see, but you probably have heard him...that would be their longtime radio PBP guy Chuck Kaiton. He's been with the team since they entered the NHL back in 1979 and has seen it ALL with this club...from the struggles of the early years, the infamous Mark Howe incident, the playoff push in 1986, Kevin Dineen's miracle goal in the Adams Finals in 86 to force a Game 7, Claude Fluffing Lemieux, the annual One & Done ritual in April, Russ Fluffing Courtnall, the trades that killed the team, the move, the days in G-Boro, Steve Chaisson, more doldrums, the return of the Franchise, the surprise run in 2002, the last hurrahs for #10 and #11, and now this....I grew up listening to Chuck on WTIC-AM calling the games (as it was indespensible for me seeing I didn't get SportsChannel New England)...he's called Stanley Cup clinchers before (as he did work for the Habs in 1993 on their English radio feed after the Habs had asked), but it's great to see him FINALLY call one for his team... I'd be remiss in not giving the Oilers their due as well...they showed a ton of heart coming back from a deficit that any other team would have called impossible. The fans up there have nothing to be ashamed of...and yeah, that Pisani guy...he's kinda good
  20. EDIT: Fred beat me to the punch Countries using different colors than what their flags are is kinda common.... EX: Netherlands wearing orange (for the House of Orange, which is the royal family)...Japan wearing blue (it's just used with the soccer team...other sports vary it up a bit beyond the traditional red/white we'd think they'd wear)....Australia using green/gold or gold/navy instead of blue/red...New Zealand using black.... The wildest one was the old West German colored jersey for soccer...for the longest time (around 1950 through I believe the 1994 World Cup..possibly the 1996 European Championships), they had a green jersey...this was done because the first team that would play Germany after WWII was Ireland.
  21. Probably right before the Finals if at any time... That's what I remembered FIFA doing with the Germany 06 one...they unveiled it on the day between the 3rd Place Game and the Final...
  22. Three very entertaining games today.... Portugal looked pretty solid today..and I have to agree..Deco's goal was a beaut! Ghana/Czech Republic was the stunner of the day...Ghana dominated play all day long and were rewarded with the 3 points. To be honest, it could have been more than 2-0. USA/Italy...where to begin with this one. First off, I'm glad the US played 1000 times better than they did on Monday...to me, they were the better team on the pitch most of the game. Italy looked a lot like the Czechs did (as in they were expecting to win just by showing up) Totti did JACK in the match, so I don't blame Moggi one bit for pulling him as early as he did...and I liked the way the US was working it early on (and even after the goal by Italy, they didn't give up)... As for scoring on an own goal...heck, it still counts. Like Marcelo Balboa said on the ABC feed, sometimes you just need some luck. As for the "esteemed" ref from Uruguay...he did an AWFUL job calling this game...early on, he was going ticky tack all the way, then once it was 10 vs. 9, the guy swallowed his whistle and let em play (which, IMO, he should have done right from the start) I don't have a problem with the reds that De Rossi for Italy and Pope for the US got (Pope was gonna get a card anyways, and seeing he already had a yellow, it would have been a red regardless...but a straight red was a little over the top)... The Mastroeni red card, though, wow...that was a horseplop call. If anything, that should have been a yellow AT WORST. Also, the call on the no-goal for the US in the 2nd was a good one....McBride was offside. Still, a point is a point...and I'll take it and be happy.
  23. I have a TON of heckles that I've used at hockey games....some of them aren't suitable for this site, so I'm busting out the clean ones (or at least close to clean I have) Ref specific.... "Hey Ref..next time, BRING THE DOG!" "Hey Ref, bend over and use your good eye!" "Hey Ref, even Stevie Wonder/Ray Charles/Jose Feliciano saw THAT one!" Pregame when they skate out before the players: hold up money and boo.... Player rips... After a shot into the protective net: "Way to go, Scott Norwood/Mike Vanderjagt!" (followed up with a "IT'S GOOD" motion) Player falls to the ice for no reason: "DOUBLE RUNNERS! *clap clap clapclapclap* DOUBLE RUNNERS!" Ugly player: "You couldn't even get a date on your tombstone!" Player gets slightly dinged up: "Take some Mydol and get back out there, wimp!" (what made this one funnier one night was seeing one of the women that sat in the section actually dig into her purse and HOLD UP a bottle of Mydol/Pamprin and say "here, you need this more than I do!" ) Player backs down from a physical challenge: "Did mommy sew your gloves on?" or "The only thing you know how to drop is the soap in the shower!" Guy coming off the ice looking winded: "Oxygen! Oxygen!" Guy slams the door shut after a lousy shift: "FRUSTRATED! FRUSTRATED!" or "Hey *player*, Great shift, buddy! You are great!" Other general rips... "Hey *player*, keep playing like that, you'll be plowing driveways/bagging groceries in week!" "Hey *player*, you're terrible on the video game!" followed immediately by "you're so bad, you're not even ON the video game!" Stand up with a cellphone and go, "Hey *player*...your mom just called, she says you SUCK!"...I adapted this one to player specific ones (including a memorable shot at the late Marc Potvin by going "Hey Potvin, some drunk from Buffalo just called, he says he kicked your @$$!" (seeing Potsie was one of the members of the Whalers that decided to touch off a barfight at Jim Kelly's bar in Buffalo in 93 or 94 by making fun of the Bills...what made it worse was that they had an underage Chris Pronger in tow with them...)..) Coaches and Equipment Guys... Coach diagraming a play: "Use smaller words..they might understand you then!" or "That's not gonna work!" Coach complaining to the ref: "What's the matter, the check bounced?" Equipment guy getting a new stick to someone: "The pink one!" or "Way to give him a field hockey stick, you idiot!" Goalies After a goal: "SIEVE! SIEVE! SIEVE!" (done right after the faceoff) After quite a few goals: "TURN THE NET AROUND! TURN THE NET AROUND!" After giving up a goal on the first shot: "ONE SHOT! ONE GOAL! ONE SHOT! ONE GOAL!" Goalie looking to come off for an extra skater near the end of the game: Stand up and make like a base coach...waving him in when the puck is out of danger, putting up the stop sign when the puck gets close to the zone. ========================================= I do have a few from baseball as well...mostly it's one story... Rainy night at Camden Yards (it was while I was still in college...only was about 45 min. from Baltimore, so I spent many a weekend night at Camden Yards during baseball season)...O's/Mariners...Mussina vs. the Big Unit....AND, it's my birthday... Well, the heavens open up after a few innings and the game goes into a rain delay of about 2 hours....then, they resume action. However, a good majority of the crowd at the park had left for home, so my friends and I move down from our seats from the back row of the LF field level stands to the seats right on the wall (at this point, the ushers didn't give a crap...there were about maybe 3-4,000 people left in the park)... Anyways, the O's were winning pretty big (Chris Hoiles had taken the Unit deep twice, including a shot that landed in the upper bullpen) and I guess Davey Johnson & Lou Pinella decided to empty the benches at that point....the M's brought in Rob Ducey to play LF near the end of the game....BJ Surhoff comes up for the O's and hits a drive into LF...Ducey looks like he's about to get it but slipped on the wet turf and went down..the ball lands about 3 feet behind him and starts a slow roll towards the wall...Surhoff huffs and puffs his way into a triple. Ducey finally gets the ball back in and is just crushed....next batter comes up for the O's....I stand up and yell out in a Ricky Ricardo-esque voice "HEEEYYYY DOOOOOCEEEYYY....YOU GOT SOME SPLAAAANIN TOOO DOOOO!" Ducey shook his head and started to laugh....it's all the guy could do in that situation...
  24. First off, I'm going to apologize in advance....I'm VERY touchy about all of this seeing it's affected me personally.... Allow me to correct you here...it's an alledged link....the courts will decide if there was or wasn't...that's not up to you, me, or anyone else or any idiot reporter to determine. Right now, it's just allegations and nothing more...the truth to them will be determined in the right venue..and it's most certainly NOT in the pages of the local birdcage liners or on the evening news. When the hell will people get that through their thick skulls????? Does it look bad? Is the Pope Catholic? Of course it looks bad (I wasn't born yesterday)...but I'm giving the owner the benefit of the doubt until the courts say otherwise...if he's guilty as charged, so be it...if he's innocent, so be it. Wish people would get that straight instead of jumping the gun and just assuming things that might not be 100% accurate... It's not a total defense, but it's called sticking to the tenant of "innocent until proven guilty". ANYONE deserves that, no matter how much of a lowlife they might prove to be in the end. Besides, you can get a better feel for what's going on from the Danbury News-Times , seeing they're kind of a bit closer to the story...