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  1. I always thought the Blazers logo looked like a '6'
  2. Pacers announced Motorola as their jersey sponsor... https://www.nba.com/pacers/pacers-motorola-announce-multi-year-partnership
  3. So there is a 1, a 5, and a 6 in the patch using the new premier league font, but I saw on one of the other threads the PL will still keep the previous letters and numbers. Maybe we will see something different in 17/18?
  4. Also...These are the replica fan jerseys.
  5. Buddy of mine drove down to Bloomington today. IU Varsity shop just got the March Madness jerseys in stock. Not the best pic, sorry.
  6. I don't claim an MLS team....so therefore I think the Crew shirt is amazing!
  7. The prospective patch would go well with Spurs' "Spurple" kit....who knows if they will have that next year though
  8. Did anyone see Frank Gore's recent Instagram picture (@fg2132)? It's a cartoon of him standing next to Andre Johnson in their Colts uniforms. Andre is wearing #80, which is currently Coby Fleener, and Gore is wearing #21, which is currently Vontae Davis. I read somewhere that Andre will actually be wearing #81 for the Colts. As for Gore, there was a picture of him signing his contract next to a Colts #15 jersey (which I didn't think was a valid number for a RB, maybe it was just there since it's 2015), but I have read nothing about what number he will indeed be wearing.
  9. First time I've added a pic, hope I did it right. And I was SORT OF right about it having red and blue checkers (look closely). Edit: for those who don't know, the sleeve pattern is the flag of Indianapolis.
  10. Indy Eleven already have 3 kits: Blue - home, White - away, Red - Alt. I wonder if it's actually going to be blue and red checkers rather than just a subliminal pattern like it was on all three jerseys last year
  11. We've posted it in older posts, check pages 20 I believe and up. Oh I know, I've seen them. I meant like an official Nike press release.
  12. I haven't seen a press release or anything for the new US kits. So I assume both teams are wearing the 2014 kits today?
  13. Dang, you guys really got me excited about the Indianapolis "rumor".... although it might be worth noting that if there were "rumors" about Indy, they did lead the NASL as an expansion club in average attendance (10,465), followed by Minnesota and San Antonio (9,234 and 6,909 respectively) per Wikipedia. I'd say if they are able to come to a new stadium agreement/play at Lucas Oil Stadium within the next 5 years, they could totally be in the MLS.
  14. I noticed that since the Packers don't have a Flywire cooler on their normal uniforms... they also don't have one on their throwback, even though it's solid blue. And the material looks old.