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  1. I always thought the Blazers logo looked like a '6'
  2. Pacers announced Motorola as their jersey sponsor... https://www.nba.com/pacers/pacers-motorola-announce-multi-year-partnership
  3. I don't claim an MLS team....so therefore I think the Crew shirt is amazing!
  4. The prospective patch would go well with Spurs' "Spurple" kit....who knows if they will have that next year though
  5. I was at the Indiana State Fair the other day and one of the carnival games where you shoot a free throw through one of those tiny, tiny hoops, the prizes were knock-off NBA jerseys! Some of the ones I could easily tell were fake were pinstriped Reggie Miller and "hardwood classics" Larry Bird jerseys (they looked good but the dead giveaway was that the numbers were incredibly thick). First of all, I find this absolutely ridiculous that the carnie people bought these cheap counterfeit jerseys, make a fortune off them, and people who win them probably have no idea they did not win an actual authentic jersey. Then again, you get what you pay for and $5 for 3 shots might win you a fake jersey. Anyone else think this is just pitiful? I would love to complain to some fair personnel about this but I'm sure they aren't even affiliated or don't even care. At least at Kings Island, when you play the pitching game, you can win a LICENSED REPLICA Reds jersey.
  6. For me, that's Fred McGriff in the correct uniform. Where can I get this shirt!?
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