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  1. since the Olympic Stadium was destroyed (along with Tokyo) in the movie
  2. this came to mind today and is this next (NSFW Japanese Anime)
  3. the NHL might be done: https://twitter.com/Canucks/status/1242245732838436865/photo/1 https://twitter.com/Canucks/status/1242245732838436865/photo/2 https://twitter.com/Canucks/status/1242245732838436865/photo/3 if you read between the lines.
  4. an IOC Lawyer and a Porn Star on the side.
  5. that could work (say have it in the territory of that team if all possible)
  6. at this point, would the Olympics be postponed (and if not, how many people would go)
  7. that would be good for ESPN (the ones they can get) show show old games.
  8. and when we start sacrificing people to please the Gods, then its time to panic.
  9. time to catch up on Gundam then with all the sports being cancelled.
  10. is this going to be the modern version of this with Tom Brady (if he signs with another team)
  11. would third time be the charm.
  12. and there is already a Rule 34 for this by now.
  13. in the words of Rocket J. "Rocky" Squirrel Again.