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  1. as a side note to that: it was during the 2017 World Series too. stayed in 2016 in Ottawa during the time the Blue Jays playoff run (at the Ch√Ęteau Laurier).
  2. anyway, i think the Coyotes could be run better by them at this point.
  3. nice (had the step up from the basic room). and my room overlook were the photo was taken (depending on where that photo was taken.
  4. i believe that is the Frontenac in the background (i have stayed there).
  5. if Barry Bonds (and Roger Clemens) don't get into the Hall of Fame next year, would they both comeback for a game or two in order to be eligible again or would they (or one of them) take the BBWAA to court saying they colluded in keeping them out.
  6. was listening to Movie Sign with the Mads (Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff from MST3k) and they reviewed that film (along with Carrie too) and Frank said in a later episode that this was the opening line:
  7. i wonder if they will claim Plausible deniability on the whole thing.
  8. thought this was about the other CIA: