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  1. that is Sir Michael Palin's son Tom Palin by the way. ps, for those of you living around the DC area, head south on I95 and you cross this (south of Fredericksburg)
  2. now here is a good question, will the Nats-O's game on Friday night be a 7 inning game (since they are going to finish today's game on Friday). me personally, just give the O's the win from today (the MLB rules on games must be not end during the inning should be thrown out the window this year).
  3. a metaphor for 2020 maybe (for MLB and as a whole) https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29628986/nationals-grounds-crew-struggles-deploy-tarp
  4. its this for the League (with the Players and Owners/Manfred)
  5. goodnight Vienna (maybe) https://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/29572885/sources-mlb-commissioner-warns-shutdown-players-do-better-job-managing-coronavirus
  6. yep, Mattingly just split his pants on this one.
  7. and this would make the 1919 World Series seem like nothing if more come out.
  8. i still wonder if there is more cheating like the Astros did among other teams in MLB and Manfred is trying to cover it up. Joe Kelly better appeal the suspension.
  9. why are those allowed to be open during all of this, i never will understand why (they are not that important to be open now). Restaurants, i can see being open (but with limited amount of people inside and hours)
  10. only read his stuff here and there, (but he did link so something of mine that someone made for me and i posted on a site, without me knowing however, which i then deleted, this was years ago).