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  1. Thanks! It seems like there would be a lot of superstition related uniform changes. Coaches are a naturally superstitious lot. Someone should make a blog post.
  2. I made an extravagant purchase and then subsequently wrote an article about one of the strangest moments in the history of Kansas's uniforms. Please enjoy!
  3. I love everything about this kit. It is worth mentioning that Ross Dress For Less stores have been selling overstock soccer jerseys, and Cosmos jerseys are among those sold. My friend got the pictured jersey for $18, and I got the yellow keepers shirt for $11.
  4. I want badly for a team - any team - to sign a deal whereby teams wear sponsored kits on the pitch, but supporters have the option to either look like the team or get a shirt without a sponsor. If they could sell enough sponsor-less shirts to make up for the smaller sponsor contract, it might set a trend for other clubs.
  5. It's as much a tradition not to have a sponsor, considering sponsors weren't added until the mid-80's. Personally, I think both large team names and sponsors are vastly inferior to the national team look of just the crest and manufacturer logo. It looks classy and lets the team colors do the talking.
  6. It is almost not with even quibbling over, but I don't think the Cosmos youth teams wore those kits. As far as I've been able to find, they were only ever worn in that testimonial match in Manchester. The youth teams wore umbro team wear.
  7. I don't know much about Man City's crest. Are those stars indicative of championships? Will it need to be updated now? No, they're not. They're decorative like the stars on the USSF's crest. Though now they coincidentally match up with City's number of Premier League titles I know it's pedantic, but it would the number of their English titles - but not Premier League titles. They have but one Premier League title, for the Premier League was founded in 1992.
  8. I guess City could be commemorating their 118th anniversary with a special crest.
  9. I looks like one of their training shirts from this year. The crest isn't in the normal colors, either. They might do something like that with the crest on an away shirt, but not a home shirt. Nice looking, but it's probably not the home kit.
  10. This may not fall into the category of "favorites," but I've always been fascinated by these 1988 KU alts. Alumni were outraged since yellow is Missouri's color, but now that they won't be playing each other, I'd love to see a return of a yellow alternate. I like it much more than the red alts (which they almost never wear, anyway).
  11. All true assessments of the Fire jersey. Part of what I like about it is that it's a color that is drastically outside their normal change kit colors. All too often, MLS teams are content to have white change kit. I love it when English teams step far outside their normal team colors. It's also why I love the Timbers red change kit so much.
  12. I'm partial to the Fire's Chicago Flag jerseys. Sorry that I don't have a pic. Sorry that I don't own the shirt, for that matter. EDIT: Found it:
  13. That's Kapono, so I think it was 2002 or so.
  14. I don't necessarily think they hold up now, but I have a lot of fondness for this Apex One template, worn here by Tulsa: And while this doesn't belong on UCLA, I still kind of love these UCLA jerseys:
  15. As a lifelong Kansas fan, I've always kind of hated these uniforms. Nike did some great stuff in the 90's, and I felt like KU got the short end of it. I long for that typeface, but I'm eternally bothered by the fact that the blue patch comes to a point on the jerseys and is rounded off on the shorts.