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  1. Hello Forum Community, This crazy year has many of us with some down time, and I was wondering if anyone here might have this rev psd file in the photo below that they can share with me, or point me to a website or link to possibly download etc. I like it and it would be some good down time killer to play around with it in PS. Please feel free to post or DM me, and i am including my email if anyone has it and it can be zipped and emailed. Appreciate the help in advance. Don dantz360@gmail.com
  2. Yes very nice indeed.
  3. Those are very nice bro, and close to the one I posted. I am more trying to find that template beause I like the way it has colors in it layered, have you seen it around here any or the net? Seems like I seen the psd here in the past but cant find it now.
  4. Hello, Sorry if this is in the wrong forum place. I think I have seen this button here before, but I cant remember, does anyone have a link or possible the PSD file to create this? I would like to make some myself. Thanks