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  1. On the Thunder, I think this is really great work! The yellow alternate is sort of eh, like a little to much and I'm not a huge fan of the "OKC" like that on there. The "fauxback" needs to be a throwback from the Seattle Sonics if your going to have a "throwback" jersey for OKC. The Sixers home and aways remind me a little to much of the Rockets with the piping on the shorts. I like the way the blue alternate goes.
  2. "Snakes" > "D'Backs", and "Diamondbacks" is impossible to fit onto a uniform without looking dumb. Also, I just wanted to have a little fun with the whole realignment thing. Any comments on the White Sox jersey? Really? The ones they have and have had in the past seem to fit them just fine and look great! Your team relocation's and new nicknames are bad and don't make any sense.
  3. You think Boise it bad? Check this out: Also, regarding the NFL and colored fields, go back and read the first post in this thread on page 1. There is a link posted that you may be particularly interested in. True. But exactly my point. That looks awful. Boise's is horrible too. But that is no question the worst out there. Till someone does yellow, or something.
  4. no offense to your work, cause I think you did some good work here. Just the idea of having colored fields is idiotic. It gives off the perception that what Boise State does is okay. The "Smurf Turf" is the dumbest thing in college football and needs to be changed. I'd sure hope the NFL would have the presence of mind to not allow something like this to happen. But then again, if the NFL even plays again would be their first task to complete.
  5. clutch

    Utah State Aggies

    Here is a black alternate idea:
  6. clutch

    Utah State Aggies

    and? it doesn't have to be overly flashy. The text looks fine. it is a good saying to have on the back of the uniform. A lot of the new hyper elite uniforms nike put out for teams this year have script, or numbers on the back. It has piping, and stripes all over it.
  7. Pretty sure the NBA players wouldn't wear them because A: it is pink and that would look awful except for a Mother's Day promo. and B: it says CLT on the front of the pink one. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize that that is really close to sounding like "clit"
  8. clutch

    Utah State Aggies

    Like what for piping. There is piping on the back, the lines forming out from behind the building are the piping.
  9. clutch

    Utah State Aggies

    okay here is them with the "A" logo on the collar
  10. Utah State Aggies Nike Hyper Elite Basketball Uniforms Home: Away: Alternate:
  11. These are awesome! Could I get one that says "U-T-A-H" in red and black block lettering then at the end the Utah Utes logo? Please!?
  12. Player: Stevenson Slyvester Team: University of Utah Console: Xbox 360 Could it possibly be the picture like my profile one? From the Sugar Bowl? Thanks! I'd really appreciate it!