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  1. It's a reference to the strange and unique, inspired by the show Fringe!
  2. I have designed the graphics, website, and promo materials for my film studio. Just curious on what you guys think, haven't had much feedback from the design community! This is the logo, a 16:9 in-motion version is used for the films. Business cards and coffee mugs are a must: The website: Treatment for a promo: A few of our primary posters:
  3. Really liked the 2012 Broncos' collars, but in 2013 few noticed they changed them to come all the way around. This wouldn't be awful if the collar didn't look so bulky now and the flywire wasn't so noticeable! Also, most promo materials still use 2012 images, especially the networks who air games. 2012 2013 Glad I got my Manning jersey last year with the polo collar, now it's a rare piece of history! lol
  4. Yeah, because a bunch of college kids and guys who recently graduated can afford full uniforms. I think you missed the point of the league.
  5. Thanks!! Here is our new promo for our Thanksgiving game:
  6. Looks great! The current logo looks like it is laughing, yours does the trick.
  7. It's definitely one of the best things I have ever been a part of. And to be one of a few responsible for making it real, I can say it's amazing to see something like this become realer and grow. Being comish of your own league is great! Check out your YouTube page, lots more stuff on there: For example here is a promo from our "This is the ISSL" series (many of which are ISSL-related jokes): And our of our drafts (which are quite long, but good to leaf through if interested)::
  8. So in my town of Irvington, New York, a bunch of college students (with me as one of the founders) created our own softball league which has grown substantially since our first game in 2010. We try to be as fauxfessional as possible, appearing to be a major league while really being a bunch of guys playing well-organized softball. We get players from all ages and all walks of life, and have many big events throughout the year. I design all of our stuff, from event logos to shirts to video production. So without further adieu here are some logos! Primary: 2012 All Star Game: 2012 Championship Series: 2012 Old Timers Game: 2013 Championship Series: Here is a video intro from the 2012 Championship Series, only a couple minutes long: Now here are some other graphics from the league promoting various things: We also have uniforms which I have designed, here are some pics of those unis in action. Since we have players from all different towns north of New York CIty, they are represented by those town's colors. From the Bronx to Ardsley, we have representation from everywhere:
  9. It depends on the overall look on whether a team should have matte or metallic pants, but I think silver and gold pants should always be metallic, because those colors do not look good in matte IMO. Love your sig btw (bc of Dharma, not teams lol)
  10. Let's not insult UMD. Incredible school. White helmet is the best in college football. End of story. The story is over. No more story.
  11. Brother of Hercules (sorry.. couldn't help myself...) Love your avatar!
  12. Original DC sets (loved these dearly): Homes from 2010 w/ DC on shoulder and defunct script:
  13. Coulda been holding a case of beer instead of the wordmark. SQUANDERED RIP OFF OPPORTUNITY.
  14. LOL I've been dyin to see it! A little disappointed just cuz the red shell action is a little awkward, I think there are better things they coulda done with UMD but I still loave it.
  15. I agree with this. I had a fauxback Babe Ruth Yankees jersey years ago which was creme and it was delicious.