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  1. Looks nothing like a Maryland crab. Other than that great concept. One sugestion, change the orange to a green/blue.
  2. Just to give you a hand, this is the guy who does the Wolves jerseys. I would show him your concepts. Nice Job BTW.
  3. MonoMan

    Capitals Concept

    Thanks for all the comments, Like I said it was just for fun. As for the template, I made it myself. Would you like me to send it to you?
  4. I have not posted a concept in a while, thought I would have a little fun with my favorite team. There are a lot of things thrown into this concept. You can see a little Sharks, old Jets, even a little USA. The logo is just a modified version of the current secondary logo. I am dying to see the new uniforms. Until then, I will make my own.
  5. Thanks "ABM" I just threw it together for fun, I have the design itch today. I am horrible at wordmarks. I had fun doing it that's all that matters. Thanks.
  6. I like it, mostly cause I live in Anne Arundel.
  7. Beavers, not just for obvious reasons, but I don't think you would do it.
  8. I think it looks great. Very subtle and still has the traditional feel. I would like to see it with the rivets a little darker, and possibly the text a little bigger may be all in caps. Good design.
  9. I like to use fireworks as my primary program, but I will use around three others to help me achieve effects that I can not create using it; Illustrator, Photoshop, Photoimpact and even paint every once in a while. The thing is you have to have talent to make your ideas look good, the programs can only do so much.
  10. This will piss a couple of boys fans off.