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  1. Another vote here for Cleveland Spiders. I see no issues with the performance of the old-timey Spiders (I don’t think anyone is around to remember them). And they would have options to use any color scheme. I would also favor anything that sounds like a traditional team.. Cleveland Sparrows Cleveland Robins Curious what folks would think of a brown-orange color scheme. Would overlap with the football team be tolerated by owners? Brown-orange would be unique to MLB.
  2. Interesting: I always knew Kachina’s had associations with Hopi folk art. But your post led me to research a bit further. Paraphrasing from the Wikipedia page, a Kachina is a personification of something found in nature, often with associated familial relationships, etc. Makes the representation of a Coyote playing hockey (as a person) all the more relevant. I love this logo a little more now - thanks!!
  3. Not to derail the Chargers discussion but for the Saints logo: the halo looks a bit like a belt, or perhaps a ring. It might look better looped around the top of the upper “leaf” of the fleur-de-lis.
  4. Curious about other regional names that might be well-received by fans in the area. Atlantic xxx Maritime xxx ?? Acadia xxx ?? - signed, curious ignoramus from the US
  5. On a related note, I'm surprised we haven't seen more teams adopt Acronym versions of regions/cities, like DC United. I would expect a rebranded MPLS Wild or ATL Hawks or DC Nationals to take hold at some point
  6. Watching Bruins play tonight - they look like they're wearing Cooperalls
  7. While I understand the significance of the white buffalo, I still gotta say: I love that yellow buffalo with SABRES word mark.
  8. That's not too unpopular. Come to think of it, that's not an opinion either...
  9. Isn't the Coyotes one shoulder look a carryover from the old Winnipeg Jets? They used to have Goals For Kids on one shoulder (nothing on other), which carried over to Phoenix (GFK one 1 side, alt on other). GFK is what's missing just like Canuck Place is now gone from Vancouver...
  10. Yes. Go see a hockey game in Ottawa and look up
  11. ... plus Whalers, Sabres, Kings (late 80s), Capitals all going dark from brighter colors (green, royal, purple, red) to navy/black. It was truly an epidemic.
  12. This... and the frequent references to Toronto St. Patricks. I guess I never considered this to be a precursor to the modern-day SENS jerseys, but this is pretty clear evidence.
  13. To distinguish it from the hidden F for Falcons?
  14. Only loss to the Packers, wearing white Drew Bledsoe era