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  1. I still have yet to understand why Jo Pa got fired. I am utterly disgusted about this whole situation but nothing makes me more enraged than the media and the way they handled this and all of their bulls*** slander, specifically ESPN (to be fair that's the only station I watched other than local news). Based upon what I know (which I am well aware may not be the full truth) I don't think that Joe Paterno deserved to be fired, or even be forced to resign for that matter. It has recently come to light that Joe told the athletic director, the president of the university, and the chief of campus police. With that said how in gods name can that not be considered enough? Yes, I do realize that he didn't follow up and that he could have done more, but from my standpoint Joe did not one single :censored:ing thing wrong. The way I see it now is that regardless of what Joe or anyone else knew, (because at some point does it even really matter?) weather it was the shadow of the tip of the iceberg or the whole gross ugly truth, the fact of the matter is that the university decided to protect themselves because a sex scandal, no matter how big, looks bad. Now, along with the help of ESPN and the other media, Penn State was given the opportunity to run and hide and yet again not take responsibility. Isn't it convenient that Joe has turned into the scapegoat for this whole f****d up situation? Joe did nothing wrong, he does not deserve this, 64 years and now this s***? I have one last point to make. Above someone posted a link to the Milgram Experiment, which is something that I continuously thought about when I heard literally hundreds of people saying that they would never do anything like that, because they have moral standards, they are real humans with feelings. While everyone would like to believe that if they themselves were put in the same set of circumstances that they would do the right thing. This experiment proved that most people are gun shy and in the moment do the wrong thing even when they know that it is wrong. Many very good people broke down in tears and lived with years of guilt after being told that they were part of a test, because they scared themselves, they realized just exactly what they were capable of. If you don't know about this experiment you really should take a look at it, it may make you think differently. Long live Joe Paterno! College football will never be the same.
  2. bigdmo has one on his web site under cover templates.

  3. When you open the psd it should be just like step 5 just without the white background. Yeah it is. what i cannot figgure out is how to 'copy the mask' once i have the mask layer in a new window. Thanks for all yuor help man. Well if your using the psd you dont have to worry about the mask, its already on there and applied. That was the point of the psd, was so you could just start right away with the logos and colors, didnt have to worry about setup. When i open the file you gave me the edges are still fuzzy like in step 4, then davidson made a list of things to do to get rid of that and you end with the product in step 5. I really want to get this and your advice is very helpful, thanks.
  4. When you open the psd it should be just like step 5 just without the white background. Yeah it is. what i cannot figgure out is how to 'copy the mask' once i have the mask layer in a new window. Thanks for all yuor help man.
  5. So i am still having trouble. GTS posted a very helpful file but i am still a little lost. If someone could make the product that is in step 5 of the first post that would be very helpfull as well. Thanks to anyone who can help me to get this to work.
  6. Thank you very much for that. It is what i needed. I am just having some trouble not lazy.
  7. Alright first off this is the coolest thing ever and many thanks to davidson for making it and letting the public use it. I have a dumb question though. the very last thing you wrote in the first post was 'create a folder and place all these files inside it', how do you do that? I am using a very old version of photoshop too, 5.0 I dont know if that makes a difference but i thought i would say it. thanks alot Jake
  8. Do you have the numbers/letters for the other 29 nfl teams? http://boards.sportslogos.net/index.php?showtopic=14792
  9. If this helps anyone i have had these sitting around for a while.
  10. Maybe this will help Font is the key word. Thanks though. And i do not have vector of the rangers numbers, sorry, i would share if I did.
  11. Its not a font but i have this if it helps you. I'm still looking for a phillies jersey script font if anyone can help
  12. i am also looking for a phillies jersey script font
  13. what does colorado use on their football jerseys?
  14. can someone get me a blank version of one of bucs action templates? the files are here, i just can not open them on my computer
  15. ^ again, thank you these are great
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