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  1. Panthers won't move. Panthers have their own arena to play in. Why move? Florida is 19th out of 30rd in attendance. Washington is dead last, NYI, Anaheim, St. Louis, and New Jersey are the bottom 5. Washington already was mentioned in Houston NHL moved as possible team to relocate.
  2. Marlins will be awful next year. Is the owner pulling a Rachel Phelps?
  3. It goes to show you that George cares about the Yankees to be willing to spend money and lose money. He doesn't run it as a business such as few teams do. (insert the clippers).
  4. Packers haven't sucked in years till now.
  5. I'm glad the 2 undefeated teams and the two best teams will meet in the championship
  6. Surprised he doesn't have the colts losing
  7. BCS would be perfect for playoff seeding but not a bowl system
  8. thx but has Butkus listed as the Head Coach
  9. Why is Crockett and Butkus coaching high school football for one season, did something happen to the old staff at Montour?