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  1. Yeah, sorry.... too close to Baylor. It might have been more palatable if they had only changed the yellow color and not messed with the rest of the uniform design. My high school pulled off a pretty sweet kelly green / old gold combo when I was there.... basically imagine a kelly green UCLA. But they were terrible for years and years; one of the worst programs in the whole state of Wisconsin. I found out that years later after I left, they ended up stealing the Buccaneers logo and wearing black jerseys with green numbers *puke*.
  2. They wore the stadium one again tonight. I hope this isn't a trend. No matter how much they push the special jerseys, none of them ever look as good as the standard ones to me. The black version of the 80s jersey would have been better if it had more orange on it.... it was basically black and white with a tiny bit of trim. I'm glad they moved on from it anyway.... I just associate it now with playoff failure. Not that other combos of late have been any more successful...
  3. IMO the best permutation they had was the last pre-Cooperall set, circa 1980-81. The white on the sleeves was slightly wider at this point so the numbers would fit, as opposed to the overlapping numbers they have now (and had during the Cup years), but the jerseys were still in the original style. I think I'd prefer them if they dropped the contrasting nameplates. Seems like that was retro gimmick that's kind of run its course.
  4. I think Nike will handle things similarly to how they handle the NFL. Some good, some bad. I can see them leaving traditional teams more or less alone, like Cards, Yankees, Cubs, Boston. They'll still look great and more or less like they should. Then I can see them going full experimental on somebody like Seattle or Tampa. And it will probably be terrible. Digital clock numerals like the Buccaneers or some trash like that. I just hope they don't come up with weird collars and odd inserts / seams.
  5. They should go full Oakland Invaders color scheme.
  6. One more bit of useless trivia about Nebraska.... one of the few wins in all-white was a game at Fresno State a few years back, in which Nebraska chose the combo in part to distinguish itself from Fresno who were in monochrome red. So I suppose when there's actually a practical reason behind it, then maybe it has less of an effect
  7. [duplicate post - please delete]
  8. Husker fans call it the "Surrender Whites". Traditionally Nebraska has worn red pants with the road uniform since the mid-1960s. During Tom Osborne's entire career, they wore all-white uniforms only four times, once for the 1991 Citrus Bowl against Georgia Tech (tied for most points an Osborne-coached team allowed in a game), and then they experimented with the look again during the 1992 season, wearing them three times, losing twice. The third one is the most ignominious, as it came against an Iowa State team that finished 4-7. It was arguably the worst team Osborne ever lost to in his entire career. Two weeks later against Oklahoma, the red pants came back and the Huskers won 33-9. If you ever have a conversation with a Nebraska fan about all-white uniforms, this game will almost inevitably come up. Nebraska didn't wear the combination again during Osborne's career.... and you could say the next few years went okay. Then in 2002 this happened: This was the 7-7 season which is the one that broke the 9+ win streak and was the really the most tangible evidence that the program was in decline. So these were scapegoated heavily and thrown onto the trash heap. In 2003 they reverted back to the "normal" uniform and went 10-3. Then during the god-awful Bill Callahan area and various times afterward, Nebraska started doing it again. Another shameful episode was the last game of the 2007 season when they gave up 65 points to Colorado, which ended up being Callahan's pink slip. They also tried it a few times in the Riley era, most recently in the Music City Bowl a couple of years ago where they were hammered by Tennessee (who wore god-awful monochrome gray outfits). I believe Nebraska's overall record in the "traditional" all-white uniform (counting 2002 but not the alternates) is something like 4-13 overall since the red pants were first introduced in the 60s. So Nebraska's poor overall record in those (as well as a couple of infamously embarrassing performances in them) has contributed to this culture. Many will also say monochrome red is cursed. It was only done one time, against Oklahoma in 1986, and the result was a blown 4th quarter lead when Oklahoma scored twice in the last 90 seconds. They never did this again: Since Nebraska has more or less sucked the last 15 years after being elite for a generation, along with the recent tradition of adding a (usually terrible) alternate uniform, a lot of that talk has kind of subsided a bit. One could argue that this abomination was successful since they actually won (and to date it is our only win over Wisconsin since joining the Big 10).
  9. Someone had Bobby Clarke in the 80s Flyer uniforms; here's one of Bill Barber
  10. The A's are still alive though. What if they make it to the World Series? Or are the Raiders out of town the whole month?
  11. Don't know if this counts, since technically it was a "merge", but in the AFL the Brisbane Lions occasionally wear Fitzroy jumpers. I guess you could say the Sydney Swans have also worn a couple guernseys based on South Melbourne designs, so that would count too.
  12. If that two-point conversion is good, then that Nebraska uniform is on this list.
  13. I actually like Jazz.... probably because it became so utterly and completely meaningless when they moved to Utah. But yeah, I could do without the other ones, even the well established NBA ones.
  14. If it's full of gimmicky non-plural "concept" nicknames, then count me out. "Force" "Vortex" "Virus" "Wrath"
  15. Haven't found any photos yet, but Packers have announced all their picks: J. Alexander - 23 J. Jackson - 37 O. Burks - 42 J. Moore - 82 C. Madison - 61 J.K. Scott - 8 M. Valdes-Scandling - 83 E. St. Brown - 19 J. Looney - 99 H. Bradley - 43 K. Donnerson - 91
  16. Yep. I actually forget these exist until somebody posts photographic evidence, at which point I look away and go back to denial mode.
  17. I noticed there was a photo thread happening so it might be a good idea to bring this thread back. I noticed someone went ahead and did LI last year with my Packers missing out again *sob*. So, Minnesota vs Jacksonville is this year's "almost" edition. I assume the Jags probably wear black but with the recent trend of home teams picking white, who knows? I'm gonna guess they go black on black. I'm also going to guess the purists would probably puke over this matchup. vs
  18. All the Packers picks. Kevin King #20 Josh Jones #27 #90 Montravious Adams #45 Vince Biegel #30 Jamaal Williams #16 DeAngelo Yancey #33 Aaron Jones #79 Kofi Amachia #41 Devante Mays #19 Malachi Dupre
  19. Quick Youtube search revealed that Super Bowl VI (Orange Bowl) had flags, but Super Bowl VII (Rose Bowl) had pylons. So I guess..... 1972? The flags looks especially weird on artificial turf fields..... I wonder if the flags were harder to install on astroturf and maybe precipitated that change.
  20. I really wish the Flyers would phase out the contrasting nameplates.... it's tired.
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