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  1. They are solid looking uniforms, and the ACC doesnt really have much black, but the school and student body are way more unified with red as the main color. Also notice the new UVA pants- I like em.
  2. unless it involves already picked colors and/or logos, i just cant think of anywhere close to 80 helmet styles 1 stripe thin 1 stripe wide 2 thin flushed 2 wide flushed 2 thin seperated 2 wide seperated 3 narrow flushed 3 narrow seperated 3 wide flushed 3 wide seperated titans style broncos style michigan plain just logo number ??? thats only 16
  3. I thought they were going to get silver helmets
  4. Since when did the NHL skip a season? BTW- Im going away for the summer, I'll be back posting in 2 months. Also, for all the bashing the nationals unis get, I saw them in person play the pirates, and they looked damn good.
  5. Eh. Its not much. Looks like a practice jersey to me, very uninspiring. But their new alternates are sweet.
  6. Saints in 1975-85, I used 1979 specifically, they really arent similar to my concept at all, except for the one white set of pants.
  7. I actually like this, can I get that template?
  8. I was thinking the exhaust streak would almost wrap complletely around, like the seahawks. What do you guys think of this. BTW, this was done in paint.
  9. Wow. I really dont have much to say about these concepts, other than I get this is what happens when the only sport going on is baseball, and we havnt had a season of hockey to watch and inspire uniform critique. Slightly off topic, the NHL is disgraced, and I used to love it.
  10. What do you guys think: old: new:
  11. Maybe I missed a round or something, but did I lose yet?
  12. Good idea, but here is out you could improve this into a great concept IMO: 1. Make the numbers realistic, those suckers are huge, especially in width. 2. Remove the side panel on the jerseys, it has no place on this jersey. 3. This is just a taste thing, but I would make the silver navy, so theres not another blue red silver team in the AFC east. 4. Put your stripe design on the pants.
  13. This is awesome. The photoshop looks a lil better because the silver is lighter, and thats what I would like to see used. The falcons could definitely pull off adding silver in this amount because of their history.
  14. take out the silver jersey and I love it- although I do like the blue orange AND black