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  1. What's this about the Browns leaving St. Louis? WHAT!?!?!! THE EXPOS ARE LEAVING MONTREAL?!?!?! NO WAY
  2. I checked the Spanish feed for the games and their bar is different than any of the ones previously shown.
  3. I would disagree with that because I know those shortened three-letter names are international. For instance, Spain everywhere is "ESP". I'm pretty sure everywhere will do that on the broadcasts with all the names.
  4. I was at the game today and although the Mets lost, it was a great game. My favorite part (other than Milledge's blast) was how much we New Yorkers lovely Mr. Bonds. Last month, I was in San Francisco and went to a game there and saw the few thousands of the country actually cheer him. Today it was just a little opposite. The second the batter before Bonds would get out, there would be massive booing through the moment he would get out. Also, the best was every time Bonds would make a catch in left, the boos were probably louder than when he came up to bat. Anyway, this was a great series even though the Mets lost two of three. David Wright is amazing and everything we've wanted from him with his two more homeruns today. This team is very solid and will do very well this season.
  5. In today's Newsday (NY), it was reported that the Marlins offered the Mets a straight-up deal of Dontrelle Willis for David Wright. Without a second thought or even telling the owners, Omar Minaya immediately turned down the deal, once again restating that David Wright is untouchable. Smart move by Omar? I think it is. Wright is an amazing rising star. He's still so young and only in his second full season in the Majors. I think in the end it would be great to get Dontrelle added to the rotation, but not if it means to give up David Wright.
  6. I was at the Mets game today and it was Tom Glavine pitching in that uniform set. I think the solid white with the blue caps is clearly their best look. It's so refreshing to go to games and not be stuck seeing those ugly black unis (even though I'd have to admit I own two black jerseys and not a white one )
  7. I'm pretty sure the Mets' white pinstripe uni is still considered their primaries. Why is this if it is only used as their home sunday unis?
  8. here you can see the logo in the back....
  9. Today when I was watching highlights from the Indians-Twins game, I noticed that on the back of the mound, there was painted the script "I" logo. Have any of you ever seen this before in a game?
  10. How to be Loving and Accepting Towards New Yorkers, Along with all Northerners, and Every Minority by John Rocker and then the sequel... How I Enjoyed Playing for the Long Island Ducks by John Rocker
  11. Thanks to www.stadiumpage.com for this blown up image of the future stadium taken from The Daily News... As an avid Mets fan, I would say this stadium looks amazing and I cannot wait to go to Opening Day in 2009!
  12. Then you have to change the names to the New York Giants of the New York Metropolitan Area and same for Jets...
  13. Clearly that can't be. The silhouette is of a lefty The only problem is that it clearly is of a righty.
  14. very true... i completely forgot how the italian national soccer team is "Gli Azzuri", literally meaning "the light blues"