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  1. Boy, every year this website gets snobbier and snobbier. I used to be on here in 2010 and no one said like that. But ok I'll take that consideration.So bascially, only give feedback if it's what the creator wants to hear.
  2. tisch

    Cavaliers Concept

    IMO, There is nothing noteworthy about Cleveland's skyline to deserve prominence on a uniform.
  3. I think it's unused for a reason
  4. Sorry... I guess I read "I came up with" and foolishly assumed he came up with it.
  5. You stole that logo from a couple of years ago when they re-did the wordmark. That was the new logo they proposed at that time. Don't try to pass off other work as your own.
  6. I don't think you want to combine "US Military" with "Native American Mascot." Those two groups haven't been on the best terms with each other in our history.