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  1. I still prefer the FC Dallas script, but at least they chose a local company.
  2. FC Dallas may be announcing a new jersey sponsor tomorrow. In January, Pizza Hut Park became FC Dallas Stadium. FCD say that they will be announcing something regarding a sponsor tomorrow. I sure hope its not a jersey sponsor, I love how FCD is one of just 4 remaining teams without a kit sponsor.
  3. Thanks for the reply, and the template is fantastic. Fixed the title as well.
  4. Went with the hoops, and wasn't sure if I should add hoops to the sleeves. I also left out the 3 adidas stripes since they are completely a design killer. Also, sorry for the size.
  5. FC Dallas is wearing there new blue jerseys for the first time, and they do not look very good with the combo of grey shorts. Sorry this was the best pic I could get
  6. Marseille's is the worst downgrade for any team, anywhere.
  7. The only FC Dallas criticism is the shirt sponsor. I love the fact that they put FC Dallas on their kits. I like the navy kit, and the third kit is interesting, to say the least. Overall I really like the update, well done!
  8. It was an April Fools joke, so says their facebook page.
  9. Will Dallas be wearing blue or red shorts? The mannequin shows red, but I preferred the blue on blue like they did last year.
  10. I'm leaning towards the bottom right. I wanted the blue one to represent Texas, and used orange and green to pay a sort of homage to the old Taco Bell Spurs logo. Thoughts? New font, I think this one looks nicer
  11. Okay so I straightened up the sides, but I am still trying to find the right color scheme. C&C on the new shape?
  12. Any ideas for which colors would look good? Which colors strike San Antonio to you?
  13. I do plan utilizing the Alamo in here, I came up with the name, Alamo FC, which is a bit unique i suppose. I'm still playing around with a few ideas, but I will have a finished rough draft up tomorrow.
  14. Here is my first draft, C&C please