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  1. No problem, I live like 20 some miles from Rollag so I know all about the "WMSTR" but i really like how the logo is progressing to a real looking whistle, id buy one and walk around Threshers Hill
  2. miltonANDlumbergh thats a nice concept for North Dakota but there is one problem with it, there really is no Evergreens in ND or trees for that matter
  3. yay for the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion
  4. Open the pathfinder palette and click the combine path option. Hope this works. awesome thanks
  5. is there a feature in Illustrator were you can take 2 objects and contour them toeghter, Im making so vinyl graphics and for plotting purposes i need to have all the shapes and paths combined so any info would be awesome
  6. This just looks like a run of the mill text on path. There isn't really any distortion to the lettering, it just runs on a curve. An explaination to create text on a path is earlier in this thread. thanks i knew it was something simple
  7. i know alot of you might think this is easy but i was wondering the easiest way to slightly arc the text on your wordmark like "Roughnecks" on this logo
  8. i wish i could say it was a long drawn out process but orange and blue are some of my favorite colors and going with an explosion/action theme to the logo, yellow just kinda feel in place for the explosion
  9. thanks for the imput....i edited the top post to show the changes, i kinda hit a block with the colors any more suggestions are welcome
  10. I recently started working on my logo for my freelance business. I'm looking for some comments and suggestions to improve on this logo. Its main use is going to be for Thermal printed vinyl on my car along with business cards and hopefully down the road actual brick and mortar business sinage. So feel free to pick it apart if you want
  11. its a nice tribute to an icon in the hockey world eventhough he wouldnt have really liked it himself
  12. my votes in....and if no one minds i kinda wanna add alot comments on some of the things ive seen and throw my sign design expertise into the bunch. On the 3 boards here all of them seem to be kinda pushing the margins of the sign and at high speed (and just standing still) its really hard to read a sign when the text runs up to any of the 4 margins, it just kinda pulls you off the sign/billboard/banner. And me being kinda new opefully im not stepping on the toes of any you guys buy adding some of my opinions too
  13. to clarify more the sonics were named beacuse when the team joined the NBA Boeing was working on a supersonic jet that could rival the Concorde but the plane pardon my pun...never took off. and the name just stuck
  14. you would be right on the dodgers one and to correct you on that one grubstreet it was actually Indian Packing Company that they are named after beacuse in 1919 they give the team $500 for uniforms and equipment and the names been that ever sence
  15. well for Minnesota.... The Twins: Simple the twin cities (Minneapolis/St.Paul) The Vikings: For the rich history of the Vikings landing in the area and the fabled Kensington Runestone that was found in Alexandra Minnesota The Wild: For the wilderness in Minnesota and for the wild fans of hockey in the state (atleast thats what i read) The Timberwovles: Was approved in a name-the team contest and stands for the timberwolves that inhabit the north woods