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  1. Oh yeah I'm aware of the existence of the pre-1999 logo. I'm originally from Bangor, about 8 miles south of the campus. My dad graduated from UMaine and I attended very briefly. At least the old logo can be blamed somewhat on the design limitations at the time it was created. The 1999 logo is atrocious. I think it was an attempt to re-brand after we won the national hockey championship in 1999. It didn't work. Full disclosure, I do have an alternate hockey jersey in my collection from the mid-00s that has the current logo on it. Your design is great and would be an immediate upgrade. I don't have any idea who you could reach out to but I feel like this would sell a ton of merch up there.
  2. Regarding UMaine. Those first couple of bear head concepts scared me to death, but the evolution is incredible. Your final product is awesome and we really, really need to rebrand. I hate the current bear head and we've had it for a long time. Go Blue.
  3. Considering a lot of high schools in my home state just recolor a pro team logo, this is EPIC. Heck I think the February 2018 version was stellar too. We have a high school recently who changed from "Indians" to "Coyotes" and just literally took the Arizona Coyotes logo and recolored it to green and white. This is a pro-grade brand and any high school should be thrilled to use it.
  4. Watching the Charlotte Knights / Caballeros de Charlotte unveil right now on Facebook. I don't go to enough games. I need to change that. I like the look for them but the pinstripe pants seem out of place with the jersey.
  5. I actually felt the same way about this. I love the logo but the bright red and orange together is just an assault on the eyes. I wish there was white or black in there to break it up a little. I can't wait for someone to start making AAF uniform concepts on this board.
  6. I look forward to the Red Sox beating the Yankees on two continents this year.
  7. Love every part of this. The Rockies are due for a refresh. I like the interlocking CR for a cap logo they currently have, but if there was a version that worked with this set, it would be perfect.
  8. As a New England-born not fan of the Patriots, I must say these are well done despite the entire nation's Patriot Fatigue. All KC had to do was stop the run. That's it. I can't root for a division rival though so go Pats.
  9. Absolutely love everything except the jerseys. I think those would not age well as others have said. Everything else is great though. Really like the slogan and the basketball logo.
  10. I love the idea of bringing the Pilots name back, especially when they play Winnipeg.
  11. This branding needs to happen right meow. I *HATE* the move to Las Vegas, and I'm not a Raider fan, but this is a fantastic rebrand and the timing is right. It looks so sinister and is a great way to usher in the new era of the Black Hole.
  12. The shamrock should always be permanent IRL too. Shawn Walsh was a hell of a good guy outside the rink also. I love the powder blue gloves with the white jerseys. Awesome work. Also these are better than UNH because anything Maine hockey is better than UNH always.
  13. Put me on team "go back to the Super Bowl era uniforms." The pewter and that shade of red were unique and looked incredible. The alarm clock numbers are terrible.. the garish "BUCS" on the sleeves are terrible. I don't mind the exploded logo on the helmet.. you could keep that and go back to the old unis.
  14. The new logo evokes speed and agility. It looks faster and lighter. I love it.