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  1. Geez this is fantastic. I love the name reaching back to the old baseball team (and Boeing). The colors, the primary and secondary logos, the wordmark, all of it. It looks like a professional branding package. Great stuff.
  2. That's ok. Nobody watches Harvard football anyway.
  3. This is quite phallic, and because of that, I hope they use it so I can giggle like a 12 year old.
  4. It would be cool if they used the leather-look throwback helmets that they used a few years ago.
  5. Fanastic! The second one with the W is amazing! Would you consider doing a mockup with the Burgundy and Gold? I'm not even a Skins fan but I feel like if this were real-world, keeping the colors might make the change easier for some initially resistant to it. Maybe use two shades of burgundy in place of the double red and then gold for the eyes or something. Either way, I'm excited to see where you take this. Great work.
  6. That wolf head is pretty cool. It reminds me of Wolverhampton FC a little. I think there needs to be a little more depth of detail or shading on the forehead. It's almost TOO simple with all the open space. Also, while I definitely support a name and imagery change for the Skins, I think the colors should remain.
  7. Love it. The colors, especially the shade of gold. The logo is prominent and strong. I love everything about this.
  8. The Falcons set is fire. I think if you're going to go that shade of red on the Cards and the double-red alternate, you should think about making the Cardinal head gray like the desert Cardinal. It's a more appropriate bird for the region, and it would provide a nice contrast. Looking forward to the rest.
  9. An amusing take on a rebrand. Peta would probably lose their mind. The front-facing pig on the football is my favorite. That would be a pretty cool logo for a "Hogs" themed fan club or fantasy team.
  10. Really enjoy this series. There is a LOT going on with that Mavericks branding. Wow.
  11. I like everything about this except the middle of the "W." I was wondering, have you considered having the middle part of the W coming to a single point, maybe shape like the Washington Monument? Might end up being too busy but it looks good in my head. Either way I love the rest of it and the homage to the previous franchise with the spear and feather. I think it's powerful and respectful.
  12. This is awesome. I am thrilled to see a Seattle concept that isn't just reconstituted Seahawks or Mariners colors. I love it. That Kraken looks really sinister.
  13. I still think Arizona remakes should use the Desert Cardinal as the logo, but the sublimated Arizona flag on the helmets is amazing. That should happen immediately.
  14. Better in every. Single. Way. I'm astonished at the kinds of people that get to design pro sports uniforms. I'm a Niner fan. Don't care for the Rams at all, and the new uniforms are just offensively bad. Your concept is simple, clean, and integrates the new brand nicely.
  15. This is incredible. It immediately replaces arguably the worst branding in the NBA with something unique while paying respect to the region's Native American culture. I think it's fantastic.