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  1. Perfection. I could really enjoy the Niners beating these guys twice a year in these uniforms.
  2. I think the color scheme of the Wildcats' current set is really unique to pro football and turning them into the Bucs creamsicle set is a downgrade. That said, looking forward to seeing the rest of them. DC could use an update for sure.
  3. Holy crap I want a hat with this logo on it. That said... WHERE'S THE MONEY, LEBOWSKI!?
  4. Love everything except the number 5.
  5. I like this. I think it's a unique and creative brand since the easy route would be to call it Queen City FC, and that might even be what the eventual Charlotte team will be called. I hope Charlotte does get an MLS team so that I may sit in the visitor's section when the Revs come to town.
  6. SNBSlugger

    MLS 2022

    As a Charlotte Independence supporter, I'm saddened by this. Otherwise it looks really good. I love the shade of gold.
  7. People will say it's too busy and all that but I think it's fantastic.
  8. I really love this. I'm not sure if it's necessary to re-brand the Clips, but it could definitely work somewhere in the league. Great stuff.
  9. Random thought: I'll never understand Omaha as a target city for football leagues. They're the 69th largest media market in the US. For reference, Salt Lake City and Louisville are 39th and 40th, respectively. That said I think the O-Train logo has a lot of versatility and is nice work. It would look slick on a hockey jersey. Might be a cool AHL / ECHL brand. It might even be a great cap logo for a minor league baseball team. The font comes off a little dated.
  10. The thought process in putting these concepts together is really great. I like the 1950 World Cup design and the story.
  11. That Dragons logo is AMAZING.
  12. I know it's not a theme logo, but the Myrtle Beach Pelicans alt cracks me up. The Pelican knows you've had impure thoughts and oh yes he is JUDGING. (Also caught a game when I was in Myrtle Beach on Thursday night. Not bad for Advanced-A ball.)
  13. The Cyan is a little much. Maybe try the blue they launched with?
  14. Yes: Renegades, Roughnecks, Guardians, Dragons, Battlehawks* No: Wildcats, Defenders, Vipers *The Battlehawks name is weird but I dig the logo. Gladiators or something might go better. If I wasn't averse to NY sports as a native New Englander/Sox fan and to Dallas as a Niner fan, I'd rock some Guardians or Renegades gear.
  15. SNBSlugger

    MLS 2022

    Very nice. Please tell me you're going to replace the bad NE Revolution logo that's 25 years past its sell by date.