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  1. As an American, I'm actually quite scared to see our team possibly face the Canadians. What comes around goes around; I think we'll get killed. But in all honesty, I don't even think the US will get past the Fins... A bronze medal would still be more than was expected though.
  2. Just found out my Devils will be wearing the Christmas tree jerseys for one game this season. My first reaction? Aw, s**t. I know it's part of our history, but it represents the mediocre years of a "Mickey Mouse" team. We don't need to be reminded of those dreadful days. This is horrible news. Perhaps it's a message to the many new-school Devils fans who complain when we lose three or four games in a row. Nevertheless, if these are for sale, I'll probably unconsciously buy one with Elias on the back just because it's a "new" Devils jersey. We don't get too many of those, you know.
  3. I know it's been a while, but I never really got a lot of comments and criticism on this concept, which was actually my first one. Anyone else want to comment?
  4. Scott Gomez Vladimir Malakhov John Vanbiesbrouck Valeri Kamensky (Couldn't find an actual pic of him wearing it) Kevin Weekes
  5. OK, so I'm not really that big of a football fan at all. But this is getting pretty ridiculous. Just when I thought ESPN and other sports news have finished talking about Favre, this happens. Now I'll have to put up with more 24/7 coverage of the most uncommitted man in the world. Jesus Christ, make a freakin' decision already and stick to it. Quit pissing off everyone and raising their blood pressure!
  6. Haha! Luongo is unbelievably similar to Cohen!
  7. Cool! I feel extremely proud to have started a thread that got a shout-out in any blog. It's even cooler because I've only started like two or three threads anyway.
  8. Speaking as a New Jersey sports fan, I really, truly don't care about the Nets. Neither do most of the other 8 million+ citizens of our great state. They are completely irrelevant. Now that I think about it, I don't even know anyone who truly is a fan of an NBA team; mostly it's people who like basketball in general or spend their time arguing over if LeBron's better than Kobe.
  9. I don't think the Devils' organization or fans would support this change, nor would that of the Rangers'. hahaha yes you might want to fix that. EDIT: OH by the way I also agree that the sash should be removed, though it is unique, it doesn't really go along with the rest of the set. And why not use the Ranger's crest on the home and away? The diagonal lettering looks okay but I think the crest would be better. I don't get it...
  10. What in the...? Are the Monarchs trying to regularly attract shrieking pre-teen girls to their games? I'd be embarrassed if my team stooped to this level. Carrie Underwood can "stoop to my level" any day! She certainly doesn't mind stooping to Mike Comrie's level!
  11. What in the...? Are the Monarchs trying to regularly attract shrieking pre-teen girls to their games? I'd be embarrassed if my team stooped to this level.
  12. Some more... 50 Cent Hayley Williams (I think..) Mike Vallely
  13. Oh wow, can't believe I missed that one. It almost looks like it was done in Paint.
  14. How about... Keith Foulke and Curt Schilling Mike Wilbon Celine Dion Jimmy Fallon Vaidisova
  15. About 95% of Devils fans are ready to jump off a bridge right now. It's not so much who we lost, but that we signed absolutely no one. The Flyers got Pronger, the Rangers got Gaborik, the Islanders got Tavares, we got Ben Walter. WTH?!? And to top it all of, Lamoriello gives every Devil fan a final confidence breaker with his quote about getting Rod Pelley more ice time. Rod Pelley is our answer!?!?! So this is what rebuilding must feel like.