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  1. And here I assumed that field goal call in Idaho would be the most embarrassing thing from the weekend.
  2. It’s too bad all of these games are on ESPN+. I know they have no interest in dropping down, but I’m curious if New Mexico State is going to be able to stay up long enough to get a lifeline during the next conference cataclysm. They’re not the first FBS team to be humiliated by an FCS school, but it usually doesn’t happen against a team transitioning from D2.
  3. In fairness to Oklahoma, they've been to the playoff four times, so it's not like they're dropping out of the top five consistently.
  4. I'm sure most of the games will be covered by guys that have no clue what's going on like every weeknight MACtion or Fun Belt game. "Wow! This game between the South Georgia Falcons and Smoky Mountain U sure is something! Anyway, let's talk about Alabama's playoff chances."
  5. I threaten to keep up with FCS every other year. Finally, I can go through with it.
  6. There's nothing wrong with hating a team that constantly beats your favorite team. That's just regular sports stuff. I believe this is the first time Mahomes has lost by more than one possession since he played at Texas Tech. Mahomes is a special player, likely to be one of the greatest of all time. It's been said a million times that he was pressured more than anybody in history and he still made some incredible plays that didn't work, but that wasn't on him. It's not fair to criticize a QB for having the gall to throw the ball at his receiver's hands. I hate it so much that he's so good.
  7. Nixon couldn't keep a thing involving fewer people under wraps. The planned results of the truest form of art get spoiled for people who don't even watch art because they look at gambling sites. I know who he is despite being elderly and knowing nothing of newer music. Whatever that means. I prefer it when I can watch wrasslin during halftime anyway.
  8. Not everybody can be as cultured as us. It's really disappointing how many teams pair gold jerseys with gold pants. Dark pants are fine, but they would all look better with white pants.
  9. A lot of those are just cardboard cutouts. Still seems like a bad idea, but it's definitely not packed.
  10. Isn't that just what metrosexual was?
  11. Tell us about your penis or just confess who your male celebrity crush is already!
  12. Well this is silly. Keep in mind he means Jacksonville State here (the one in Alabama), and not regular Jacksonville who recently dropped football. As I understand it (and I don't totally), this allows the WAC to have an AQ spot for the FCS tournament, and also allows the three future ASUN/UAC teams to have an auto-bid for the season. So I guess we'll be waiting a bit on that sixth ASUN football member.
  13. Reckless speculation? Maybe grab some of the Louisiana remnants in the Southland since all of the good Texas schools left for the WAC. Though it always seems that Louisiana universities are on the verge of a financial collapse, so maybe that's why the good Texas schools and UCA jumped ship.
  14. According to the leaked EKU FAQ, the ASUN lineup seems to be: University of Central Arkansas Eastern Kentucky University Jacksonville State University Kennesaw State University University of North Alabama Liberty will stay FBS and Stetson will remain in the Pioneer. According to the EKU post, they're planning on adding another member to get to six football schools.
  15. Alternatively, the new Patriots are just whoever Tom Brady happens to be playing for.