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  1. ESPN+ gets you Sun Belt Conference sports which is worth the price of admission alone. Also getting cheaper access to the content MLS Live used to have.
  2. The AAF moving to the site of Conference USA's basketball tournament sure is something.
  3. Oh he went to Harvard? Huh. Did anybody know he went to Harvard?
  4. It was just a joke, but obviously not a very good one. Or even kind of good one, which is why I write them here and not on SNL scripts or something.
  5. The problem is they don't really fit in anywhere right now. They're an FBS team and the only conference that would make geographic sense for them would be the Mountain West but they're not interested. C-USA fans already dislike having UTEP because of how far out they are and that conference has too many members as it is. They're also too far out for the Sun Belt who New Mexico State tried really hard to get full membership into At this point they've basically got to hold on for dear life and hope the next round of realignment gets them into a conference where there aren't any schools having trouble still existing as a school.
  6. Has there ever been a KC scorer leave and still play at as high a level? Since I started following them they always get a few good years out of guys and then they leave and are seemingly never the same. Bunbury, Sapong, Kamara, and now Dwyer. We could almost include Zusi in that group even though he's still there just because he's moved back into the defense even though SKC uses defenders in the offense a lot. EDIT: On the one hand I'm impressed by the Cincy crowd, but on the other hand I'm unimpressed. They were pulling in full houses for USL games, there should be people standing on top of the stadium for MLS. Very disappointing. Portland might be bad this year. I know they're starting off with what, 12 games on the road? So they'll have a chance to make it up like DCU did last season, but they don't look good at all right now.
  7. Are we sure that Inter Miami is a future MLS franchise and not just a maker of sweet lids?
  8. As an SKC fan, I did feel I needed to be humbled a bit after last night, so this was nice to see. EDIT: Do people still aggressively quote comedies these days? I feel like the last time I remember people doing that was Anchorman, but maybe it's just because I'm older and more out of touch with the common man.
  9. I was actually just thinking the other day about how much I liked the West Coast Conference's logo. Some tweaks could have made it really awesome. Oh well. I think if WCW had lived long enough to rebrand from their bird crap logo, this new West Coast logo is very close to what they would have used. It would have hearkened back to the logo people actually liked and associated good times with while being a bit more modern.
  10. Is St. Louis an actual good soccer city? Or is it like how Cardinals fans wouldn't stop telling everybody that they were the best fans in baseball until the weak-minded started to actually believe it?
  11. The only sensible conspiracy in sports is that one-bid (-ish) conferences tell Gonzaga types to intentionally throw conference championship games to get two teams into the tourney. I probably wouldn’t do it if I were a commissioner due to all of my scruples, but I’d be tempted.
  12. Yeah, what a dummy. Who doesn't know about the weird and seemingly random laws of every city in the US? What a bunch of morons.
  13. LAFC looks really good. Though Portland did give up a lead to a terrible Colorado team that only had ten men (twice!). So maybe Portland is bad. SKC held their own against LAFC last week, and I didn't think they looked very good vs. Philadelphia today. They won 2-0 but the goals came on a PK and then Philadelphia went down to ten men and gave up an own goal. About as uninspiring a 2-0 win as you can have.
  14. If the Redskins are doing it then it's probably the worst move.
  15. That's not even a real year. We'll all definitely be dead by then. Well if we're not being biased at all in any way, shape, or form, then Memphis, Tennessee is a perfect option. The promo video I saw when I went to a minor league game there like four years ago had some Cardinal guy saying they had a major league caliber stadium and there's no way they were pandering to the crowd. Sacramento A's and Memphis Rays for 2030 when we've all been killed by a nuclear holocaust confirmed!