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  1. As the self-appointed Sun Belt representative of these boards, I think I like this better than either of the previous incarnations. The current/soon-to-be-previous logo looks really bad when placed on jerseys. Just look at how terrible this thing looked.
  2. Payton was at the casino at Oaklawn in Hot Springs, Arkansas recently, which people had been annoyed with because they left it open when they very obviously shouldn't have.
  3. The above post pretty much got it. The decision to go by Louisiana has caused much anguish and gnashing of teeth in the state. There's not supposed to be a flagship of the UL system, so one of the schools using Louisiana pisses a lot of people off, especially Louisiana-Monroe and Louisiana Tech since they're the other FBS schools in the system. ULL supposedly got permission from Tulane who were once called the University of Louisiana, but also I don't think that that matters at all. As a follower of ESPN+'s favorite conference, the Sun Belt, I generally just refer to them as the Cajuns. Or if I'm feeling salty after a loss I go with Southwestern Louisiana-Lafayette. It puts a small band-aid over the arterial spray of my mind.
  4. It’s the only conspiracy that makes sense. Crafty bastards.
  5. What weirdos are hyping Red Robin beyond saying, "it's okay?" Granted I haven't been to one since I was in high school, so at least 13 years ago (oh Jesus!), but I remember it being fine. There are zero restaurants I would gather with a group in right now, but if I had to pick one, Red Robin would never even begin to enter consideration. Even if we set parameters to only include mediocre chain restaurants like Chili's (my favorite garbage chain restaurant). I didn't even want to go out to get groceries the other day. Though I was mostly just annoyed that everybody around here suddenly developed a taste for sourdough bread, an item I previously had to be careful to check the expiration date on because of how rarely inventory turned over. So I guess I'm a white bread guy now.
  6. Pro wrestling is art. The truest form of art.
  7. This reminds me of when I started to think about plastic waste and realized that everything is freaking plastic. Reminds me that I still haven't watched Iron-Blooded Orphans and it's still just sitting there on Hulu. Maybe that's what I'll get into.
  8. I just want to take a second to make fun of this monumentally bad take I saw last night on twitter and I have nowhere else to do so.
  9. I can't think of anything feeling more surreal since then. Seeing everything come undone last night felt like a fever dream.
  10. My school has made the tournament once and they lost by a billion. It's always March Sadness for me.
  11. How many leaks like this have ended up being false? It seems like they're almost always real at this stage and I think we're perfectly justified in (over)reacting as if they are real. If it isn't real, then oh well, we're talking about sports logos so it doesn't really matter. Just don't carry this mentality over to things that actually matter.
  12. Sports are stupid and I hate them now.
  13. Life is suffering. No new uniforms for anybody. They all muck it up.
  14. Until literally every waking hour from the beginning of bowl season until the first round playoff games is swallowed up by bowl games, I would argue that there are not enough bowl games. Of course, I don't hate things existing for no reason. Also true when the BCS existed. Except now there are three games with agreed-upon stakes instead of one.