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  1. This whole #WeWantToPlay thing feels really stupid. Everybody wants games to happen, literally nobody is on the other side of this. Want isn't the issue.
  2. Damn. The one I made to be inoffensive was offensive. Am I the Washington [Redacted] of people? No. I have the ability to self-reflect and feel shame. Crisis averted. Works on multiple levels. Sorry for not even trying to do better with the nickname. Sorry for the constant crap teams. Sorry for the incompetence. Sorry for the off-field stuff you may have heard about. Sorry for being embarrassing in every way possible.
  3. Hail to the Victors is one of like 5 fight songs I know any lyrics to. I fully know Arkansas State (duh) and Notre Dame. Not sure why I know Notre Dame's because I don't care about them in any way, shape, or form. All I remember of Michigan's song is "Hail to the victors, blah blah blah" and the line "Champions of the West" is in there somewhere. As far as the hashtag? I don't know, most of them are dumb anyway, so just pick anything. #DubFootball (Stealing from the University of Washington being nicknamed UDub) #DubStep (Similar, but capitalizing on a trend from a decade ago because that seems like something Snyder would do) #RedSpring (For if the season moves to Spring, and also conjures up the Red Summer because again, it seems like something these doofuses would do) #OldSchool (Because they used to be good, back before I could really form memories. Also, can be accompanied by gifs of the Undertaker) #AmericasTeam (They're the team in the nation's capital. Totally makes sense. Can't believe the Patriots didn't come up with this one first)
  4. The MAC being the most progressive conference is kind of shocking, since I suspect everybody will be following them.
  5. I'd buy that on a Christmas sweater. Also, just the B sweater.
  6. This is what I love about soccer jerseys. I'm never going to wear a basketball jersey or football jersey. Hockey jerseys are a maybe. Soccer jerseys however, especially without a name and number, are so close to normal clothing that it doesn't feel too weird to wear in the real world.
  7. I love seeing the Bucks do a basketball. I love seeing such a big star in a (relatively) small market. I just think their look is a C at best and they've never been able to ascend beyond that. EDIT This all seems really petty and I am all for it.
  8. Hot take: The Bucks have never looked particularly good and should just try again.
  9. The Grizzlies/Jazz game is a battle of teal vs. purple. I lived through the 90's just so I could wait another 20 years to have such a glorious matchup. I forgive you all for trying to take this away from me, but only because I'm better than you. EDIT: Jazz are on a 22-1 run. Maybe I shouldn't be a basketball fan.
  10. Well there's your problem. You need some Arkansas corn-based vodka from Rock Town Distillery.
  11. I wish I could donate my knee to Jaren. I'm not using it for anything important anyway. In the meantime, I'm gonna go lay down and die.
  12. @andrewharrington and @QCS just shot up to the top of my hypothetical draft board.
  13. I'm convinced more than ever that every team needs a designated nerd to prevent this from happening. I'm free, so just DM me for my contact info.
  14. Me: Arkansas is more than redneck trash Also Me: Let me tell you the many stories of my husky killing and/or thinking she killed a opossum in my back yard