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  1. We've actually run experiments and found that Las Vegas is the second worst city in America.
  2. As a kid I really wanted a reversed version of the Broncos' old D logo, and then when I saw a concept of it on the internet I realized that I've never known what I actually wanted.
  3. Eh, St. Louis stole a team from Los Angeles and they got stolen back by Los Angeles. Hard to feel much sympathy about that. If St. Louis is interested in a third NFL team run by a third wretched owner, then yeah, take the Chargers I guess.
  4. I remember it vividly, so this is delicious.
  5. There's definitely an element of guys getting yanked around or stuck with bad coaches. Like, I wonder how pointless Tom Brady's career would have been if he'd been Jeff Fisher's guy in Tennessee or something. No way he amounts to anything, let alone being considered one of the greatest of all time. Hilariously, the Chargers are down 21 to the Steelers' 14th string QB and I think that's fun.
  6. Remember when the Cowboys were supposed to be good? Broncos shut out the Titans which means very little, but I'll be damned if I'm not going to get my hopes up for a 12-4 season.
  7. Georgia sticking around in the top ten despite that bad of a loss? Congratulations to them for being on par with Texas or Michigan in the realm of name brands that voters really want to be good.
  8. The Jets' look is growing on me. The only game of theirs I've been able to watch this year was when they wore the terrible black uniforms, so maybe that's why. I do find the helmet logo aggressively bland.
  9. Andy Reid should be Chiefs coach for life.
  10. Arizona suffers from an issue where their uniforms are impossible to make good. Their white jerseys are acceptable at best, but their red and blue jerseys are bad enough that they ruin any combo they try with them.
  11. Washington is trying to ruin what should be the closest thing to a perfect week possible. Arkansas and Memphis lost, my new other favorite Arizona State won, the FCS school I'm attending and pretending to care about won, and I didn't have to watch Arkansas State give up 800 yards again. But nooo, apparently we're just going to let Arizona win a game. EDIT: Washington is suddenly up 21 on Arizona. A basically PERFECT week. Also got to see Georgia go full Georgia against South Carolina which was neat.
  12. Oregeron actually leading LSU to anything but ruin so far is one of the biggest upsets I've ever seen.
  13. Wish I could have seen my team, the Sun Devils of Arizona State pull off the win, but the Pac-12 Network struck again. Instead I'm watching UNLV beat down Vandy, which is pretty embarrassing, even by Vandy standards.