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  1. At least I can still point out how funny it is that the Chiefs have never held the Lamar Hunt Trophy. Last night was a bad football night for me. Fortunately I drove up to Jonesboro so I only had to watch one team get whipped by a rival.
  2. That’s what I thought too. Maybe they’ll be forced to change before the game. Not that it matters because the other jersey options suck too. EDIT: Seeing them close up, the jerseys are more of a heather gray like those worn by my other favorite ASU team. Numbers are black. So I guess technically it would be legal, but it still sucks.
  3. Arkansas State is debuting new uniforms tonight. I guess they wanted to look as bad as the defense plays.
  4. My numbers capped the population too high for Hillbilly Vegas to be considered. There's just too much data to sift through if you drop below a certain population. I'm actually training an AI to eventually evaluate smaller cities and make decisions on what to do with them and how best to deal with humanity in general. We're currently calling it Skynet, but that's just a working name.
  5. The science is a bit flawed in that it's exclusively based on places I've been. Don't tell the other scientists though.
  6. Despite being the worst city, it has baseball's self-proclaimed best fans.
  7. This reminds me of those porn memes that I've never seen due to being a saint.
  8. “Fighting oppression is the same as imperialism” is definitely one of the stranger takes I’ve seen regarding anything ever.
  9. We've actually run experiments and found that Las Vegas is the second worst city in America.
  10. As a kid I really wanted a reversed version of the Broncos' old D logo, and then when I saw a concept of it on the internet I realized that I've never known what I actually wanted.
  11. Eh, St. Louis stole a team from Los Angeles and they got stolen back by Los Angeles. Hard to feel much sympathy about that. If St. Louis is interested in a third NFL team run by a third wretched owner, then yeah, take the Chargers I guess.
  12. I remember it vividly, so this is delicious.
  13. There's definitely an element of guys getting yanked around or stuck with bad coaches. Like, I wonder how pointless Tom Brady's career would have been if he'd been Jeff Fisher's guy in Tennessee or something. No way he amounts to anything, let alone being considered one of the greatest of all time. Hilariously, the Chargers are down 21 to the Steelers' 14th string QB and I think that's fun.