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  1. I don't want to say that I told you so, but I'm gonna gesture just below this sentence.
  2. Dabo Swinney's nice guy, "aww shucks" veneer sure has worn off lately. It was inevitable just because it's impossible to like somebody who kicks everybody's asses for long. Just didn't think it would take the form of being such a belligerent prick. The idea that Florida State cancelled because they were scared of being embarrassed is so stupid. Florida State has been getting embarrassed for quite a while now, I'm sure being railed by one of the best teams in the country would be less embarrassing for them than losing to Georgia Tech.
  3. With fear in your heart that your team will inevitably blow it.
  4. I’m a solid role player. What does that make me, a “building block?”
  5. Never seen penalties go that quickly before. Interesting connection here though.
  6. Scott Frost seems doomed. He was supposed to be the chosen one and Nebraska seems no better. Frost spent some time throwing his players under the bus though, which is always a good sign. Maybe Nebraska just doesn’t matter anymore. Alternatively, I just realized that Frost only has one winning season as a head coach and I doubt he gets one this year. Also want to give credit to Indiana. They lost, but they showed they were worthy when I was expecting them to lose by four scores.