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  1. All issues about the lack of cohesion aside, this uniform might look pretty good in action. The gold should look pretty cool against the Target Field backdrop.
  2. My apologies if this has been discussed, but I don't think the Twins have worn their normal whites at home yet, it's just been the throwback-style off whites. Are these the new primary home duds or is this just like a first month thing? I feel ashamed that I don't know my own team's uni situation, but I don't remember hearing anything about them changing to the nameless throwbacks as the normal homes.
  3. Sharp. That's how I describe these 'Stros unis. They look like baseball uniforms. The team looks sharp. Good uniform.
  4. The 2nd wild card is proving to work perfectly in the AL this year. There will be five good teams in the postseason providing that the underperforming Tigers and Angels miss the playoffs. No matter which teams win the wild cards, I think there will be five pretty darn good AL teams making the playoffs.
  5. I wanna start by saying right now, this set looks great. That said, as people have pointed out, it can be tweaked a bit for the better. Purple and white can work perfectly by itself, IMO. No need to throw another color in there. My high school baseball unis were just purple and white, and I'm telling you that's an incredibly clean, sharp look. Purple & white is a great combo. As far as the diamond in the logo: I LOVE the runoff you have from the diamond in the logo, I think that gives it some good character. I agree there can be something done about the baseball however. People are saying that the diamond doesn't work, and I agree with you that there are already too many circle primaries in the sport, so I'd stay away from that. Maybe try a shape similar to what they have now? Like a half circle. They're the only team in the league that utilizes a half circle like that, I think it's a good identity to build around. Not sure how the mountains would look in the half circle, but it works decently with their current logo, so I'm thinking it could maybe work with your mountains as well.
  6. NFC East: NYG, PHI (WC), DAL, WAS North: GB, CHI (WC), DET, MIN South: ATL, CAR, TB, NO West: SF, ARI, STL, SEA AFC East: NE, NYJ, BUF, MIA North: BAL, CIN (WC), PIT (WC), CLE South: JAX, HOU, TEN, IND West: KC, DEN, OAK, SD Playoffs: WC: PIT over KC JAX over CIN CHI over ATL PHI over SF Divisional: NE over PIT BAL over JAX CHI over NYG PHI over GB Conference: BAL over NE PHI over CHI Super Bowl: BAL over PHI My predictions seem kinda out there haha
  7. I'm not a big fan of teams putting baseball hat logos on football helmets.
  8. Orioles have acquired Joe Saunders from Arizona for Matt Lindstrom.
  9. Apparently its done! Loney, Jerry Sands, Rubby De La Rosa, Ivan DeJesus, and Allen Webster to the Sox. Very nice move by Boston IMO.
  10. Y'all are forgetting that the Cardinals' bullpen was one of the major reasons, if not the biggest reason, that they won the WS last year. The Nats should shut down Strasburg to protect his/their future, and put faith in that strong bullpen that they have. They can also put Lannan or Detweiler in the bullpen for the postseason if they feel they need to strengthen it more, allowing them to spot-start when needed. Shutting Strasburg down would certainly hurt the rotation a bit, but if the bullpen is good, it won't hurt that much.
  11. Looks absolutely beautiful. Only thing I'm not completely sold on is the font but maybe it's just the 9.