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  1. There won't necessarily be a new shin guard design. Some guys just wear them on the outside of the skate, so in turn they can be a little bit longer and not interfere with the skating motion. A lot of guys are still going to wear them on the inside of the tongue, which means they have to be a little shorter. This new sock just shows in more detail just how long sid's shin guards actually are.
  2. Why isn't there an RBK stick in his hand? RBK passing on an opportunity to plaster their logo all over Sid? Doubtful. The reason that there isn't an RBK stick in his hand is the fact that he is signed with Sher-Wood for sticks. They signed him when he was playing in the QMJHL. But according to the new RBK product book, he'll have an RBK pattern on November 1, 2007. So he will be all RBK soon, though I have heard that he loves his sher-woods and wants to stay with them.
  3. Just want to throw it out there that I talked to the CCM/Reebok regional rep and i asked him about whether it was going to be one template or will every team have there own unique jersey and he said that every team will have different styles and there own unique patterns....so I don't know if every team is completely changing or if some are keeping more traditional styles ala canadians, blackhawks, rangers, etc...But every team according to the rep will be different
  4. That visor costs around $62, at least in our pro shop it does
  5. Sorry for the crappy picture quality. But I work in a Pro Shop and the Reebok/CCM rep was in the other day and gave all of us shirts with the new CCM logo on them. I also got to see the special edition Vector 10.0's, which are really sweet. Like Stevenet said they are all black with chrome accents and the holders are black and chrome. The new helmets are like a Mission and Reebok mix. They're pretty cool close up.
  6. thanks man, the Delaware sig is awesome, i really appreciate it
  7. Could you do a University of Delaware one? Thanks
  8. Dan12020

    My new sig

    Man that sig is awesome....thanks a lot i love it
  9. Here you go jab, this is something i just threw together....let me know what you think...
  10. I've liked most of your concepts in this thread, but I have to give the VU set a thumbs-down. Way too much maroon. The school colors are navy and white, and they throw in the lighter blue for contrast (they've done that for decades). Maroon should never appear that extensively in any Villanova concept. And the basketball team already has a very distinctive numbering/lettering font. It would look more like a Villanova concept if you used that instead of using fonts that are/were used exclusively by another team (the old Coyotes and Wild, respectively, on the primaries and alt), which causes the viewer to make connections you're not intending. On the positive, I LOVE the alt crest. That is good enough to be the primary, and relegate the V to the sleeves... Thanks for the imput VitaminD....I don't really know what colors are used more than others....I just see 'em in the crest and kinda base the jersey around it....do you happen to know what the font is that the basketball team uses?? I'll look into changing the colors and see how they turn out....
  11. Here is my next set Villanova...I think the Alt. turned out pretty cool, i like the cat comin out of the jersey.....let me know what you think
  12. Here is the Pitt Panthers....I know its kind of a Predators style Alt. but i like it....Let me know what you think
  13. Here is my next set Indiana University.....I could only find this logo, the alt.'s not my favorite but what does everyone think??
  14. Alright Here is the complete Notre Dame Set, I tried to keep it kinda classic and simple, the colors just go so well with each other, and I also managed to leave out any trace of black which a lot of the other schools got
  15. i don't like a lot of the club level teams jerseys, thats part of the reason i did these. I go and watch the University of Delaware play all the time, their div. I club, its pretty good hockey.