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  1. I collect Major League Baseball logos. I've even had to recreate my own in some cases. Including all of the one-off celebration uniforms teams wear during the season.
  2. Today the Cubs hare wearing the white hats (black for the pitcher) but they are now wearing the blue belts, undershirts, and socks.
  3. Here are all the notes from the first day of the weekend: -The Mariners are the only team not to wear the 45 patch. -Cubs all wore regular home cap. Most of them also wore blue undershirts and belts but did use the Players weekend socks. -Cardinals pitchers wore red caps instead of black. -Twins all wore the home cap and most of the team wore blue undershirts and belts. -Pirates were the only team to wear the 45 patch on the chest. -Orioles wore the 20 patch on the right sleeve and kept the 45 patch on the left. -Dodgers wore their memorial NEWK patch on the right sleeve and the 45 on the left. -No front numbers for any team that usually has them. The Blue Jays did not have the logo under the lettering as usual. Have I missed anything?
  4. I have one that expires pretty soon. Does anyone need an invite?
  5. I know the team wore them last season. I was surprised they didn't go with them this year also
  6. I've seen all of the player's weekend uniforms for this year and they suck something awful.
  7. This is what I have done so far for the 2019 season. There are a couple of minor changes I need to make but this year I have had the ability to stay on top of the new uniforms.
  8. The Tomahawk A cap would have been nice to see as it is one of my favorites. But with the streamlined red alternate, I can see why they went with the primary cap. If I'm not mistaken, the red alternate did not appear at all last season and only twice in 2017.
  9. Inciarte is wearing the all blue 'A' cap with the road alternate so I don't expect the tomahawk hat to be the regular one for that set. It was worn a couple of times with the cream jersey but it is mostly a Spring training cap.
  10. I'm just glad the design on the lettering is exactly the same as last year because I've already created the pattern but have not finished applying it to all the teams. So I kind of get a break this summer.
  11. Very nice and clean template!
  12. I believe 'American' and 'National' were used for the cap logos when the All-Star Game was in San Francisco.
  13. I have seen the Yankees and Tigers so far with two different Spring Training jerseys. Are there any others out there?