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  1. Here is Cincinnati. They have a 'military appreciation' jersey that technically should be in the rotation but they have not worn it this year and did not wear it at all in 2020. When/if it does pop up, I will update this.
  2. I wanted to switch it up a little. Here is the American League from 1901. Things looked very different 120 years ago.
  3. Here are the Cardinals. I realize the home and road 'alternates' are just a difference in cap, but I needed to figure out a way to include a bunch of uniforms here anyway.
  4. When I did all the BP jerseys for 2021 I gave half the teams one pose and half the other. There are some teams who have 2 BP jerseys and in that case, I use them both. Although the normal uniform poses give several different options, for batting practice uniforms I will only stick with the two templates. Teams actually have 3 different choices for BP uniforms in 2021, but for this presentation I decided to go with the ones I have already completed.
  5. The blue jersey is from Spring Training and they don't wear that during the season. Would not be a bad alternate, though.
  6. Here are the Diamondbacks. I have not spotted nearly as many different designs for the socks this season for Arizona. However, if I have missed something here, let me know and I will add the design.
  7. I have a new template I have been working on for several months. I have completed some of the teams already but I wanted to get pretty far into the process before showing it off for the first time. I may also use this thread to show teams I have completed so errors can be pointed out. Take a look and let me know what you think:
  8. The name doesn't need to change. You want it to change, which is fine. But we all know why this is happening and it's not because the name Indians is offensive.
  9. The only ones I (kinda) like area Arizona, Houston, and Seattle.
  10. What a strange year. Hardly any changes. It does give me an opportunity to catch up on some things, though, Here are the Spring Training cap logos for 2021
  11. It's called the laughing Brave. It has always been called the laughing Brave. The first time I ever heard someone refer to it as the screaming savage was a few years ago when Paul Lukas called it that to make it sound more offensive.
  12. Or they could have, ya know, just put the accurate logo for the time.
  13. I have one available that expires soon. Any designers that want an invite, send me a message and I will check out your work.
  14. Being historically accurate is better than pretending something never happened. Saying something existed does not 'promote' anything. Also, there will be more conversation about it now that they decided to leave it out. Had they just left them in, nobody would be talking about it.
  15. Would they do yellow top for Spring training? The team store has a yellow shirt that looks pretty nice.
  16. I would have been okay with them sticking with the dark road uniforms but this is a cleaner look.
  17. I collect Major League Baseball logos. I've even had to recreate my own in some cases. Including all of the one-off celebration uniforms teams wear during the season.
  18. Today the Cubs hare wearing the white hats (black for the pitcher) but they are now wearing the blue belts, undershirts, and socks.
  19. Here are all the notes from the first day of the weekend: -The Mariners are the only team not to wear the 45 patch. -Cubs all wore regular home cap. Most of them also wore blue undershirts and belts but did use the Players weekend socks. -Cardinals pitchers wore red caps instead of black. -Twins all wore the home cap and most of the team wore blue undershirts and belts. -Pirates were the only team to wear the 45 patch on the chest. -Orioles wore the 20 patch on the right sleeve and kept the 45 patch on the left. -Dodgers wore their memorial NEWK patch on the right sleeve and the 45 on the left. -No front numbers for any team that usually has them. The Blue Jays did not have the logo under the lettering as usual. Have I missed anything?
  20. I have one that expires pretty soon. Does anyone need an invite?
  21. I know the team wore them last season. I was surprised they didn't go with them this year also
  22. I've seen all of the player's weekend uniforms for this year and they suck something awful.
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