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  1. A buddy of his did not get the tickets. He is lying about that. It was discovered he was on Tinder looking to pay $1,000 for a ticket. There is no way in blue hell that guy got into the game by any legitimate means.
  2. I want to say I have read somewhere that the Yankees pay Majestic. The Yankees are not really in a position to demand anything.
  3. My thoughts on this season: I am interested in seeing what the Astros do after getting a small taste of success in 2015. I think the NL West will belong to either San Francisco or Arizona. I'd be surprised if there is any other outcome in that Division. I'll be disappointed if the Cubs do not win the NL Central. In my opinion, it's theirs to lose. We may see a repeat NLCS. Washington could miss the playoffs again and I am okay with that. Boston decided they want to contend again so 2016 may be their year in the AL East. Although I'll be rooting for Toronto to take that one. Kansas City will not have an easy road to repeat as World Champions but they will be in the mix come October. Atlanta is going to be bad, I just don't think they will be as bad as people think. Miami and Philadelphia will be as bad as people think. So will Cincinnati. ...and San Diego.
  4. I don't think I can post pictures yet but I've seen the new patterns for the Stars & Stripes uniforms. Better than last year but I'm still not a fan. It appears teams will be wearing the Digital Woodland Camo for Memorial Day instead of the Digital Desert Camo they have been wearing the past few years. It will still the Marine Corps pattern.
  5. The Cardinals have a nice looking St. Louis script. How about we put that on the road uniform where it belongs.
  6. Braves, Falcons, Hawks. I was born and raised in Georgia and when I moved to California after joining the military, my allegiance never changed. My only non-Georgia standout is Florida State. As a kid I thought it was awesome that they did the tomahawk chop just like my Braves. I actually lived closer to Tallahassee than Athens and Atlanta. So while all my friends were either Bulldog or Yellow Jacket fans, I was for the Seminoles.
  7. I thought this font was Fresh Paint but now I'm not so sure. Does anyone know what it is?
  8. These are fantastic. I'll be watching this series for sure.
  9. The Yankees are bland and not exactly original (some teams experimented with pinstripes before they did) That's why you see that uniform slipping more and more while teams like the A's and Orioles keep moving up on these best looking uniform lists.
  10. If the Colts balls were overinflated (which has been speculated) then the pressure would have been brought down during the pregame inspection. The footballs for both teams were legal before the game. At halftime, one team had deflated footballs while the other team did not. The weather conditions were the same so blaming it on the weather at this point just makes no sense. Let's get another thing clear. Aaron Rogers never admitted to cheating. He can issue the footballs pregame with pink polka-dots if he wants to. Every team does what they want to the football prior to inspection. This is not illegal. But once they are inspected, they are to be left alone. The Patriots allegedly thought they were above the rules. I'm pretty tired of the argument "Well everyone else is doing it" First of all, that is complete garbage. You, I, and nobody else here knows that to be true. The next time you are speeding down the highway and get stopped, just tell the officer someone else was speeding too and let's see if he let's you off. Perhaps they were not the only ones doing it, but they got caught. No matter what happens here, this is still very bad for the NFL. Not much talk about the Super Bowl a week before it is to be played.
  11. I seriously doubt the league would make the Colts aware of a surprise inspection. The Colts (or some other team) may have told the league and they most likely responded with "We'll look into it" But they are not going to tell any team how they plan to go about looking into it.
  12. Well, Belichek solved the mystery all by himself. I guess everyone can pack up and go home now. He was probably better off not saying anything.
  13. Don't really have very many (if any at all). I'll check, but don't get your hopes up. I have had several (but not all) created to help complete my uniform database. I will try to round them all up and post them.
  14. This was requested earlier. This is the file I have for this logo. I know there are two versions but I need to check to see if both were used on the uniform or just this one. ren69, you are doing an incredible job.
  15. I'll ask about that stuff. I'm not the one who converted it so I gotta e-mail him.
  16. My new baseball template is here: http://www.mediafire.com/?9rd79i7cp9cb2wp
  17. This template can be found at the link below: http://www.mediafire.com/?52o7b5j4rq9z605
  18. You're doing a wonderful job here. Keep it up!
  19. I'm unable to send you a message. Wondering if you are interested in working together on an concept. Let me know.

  20. That is a nice looking ring. I can't wait to see what the Cardinals ring looks like.
  21. That wouldn't be a bad idea for a wallpaper design davidson.
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