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  1. That's a beautiful helmet
  2. Visit and follow my blog!

  3. I think on some teams monochrome looks great. The Saints and Seahawks are two such teams that I think it just looks bad ass. Some people hate it just for the sake of hating it I think.
  4. Thanks for adding your work Davidson.
  5. This one kind of needed to be revived anyway because I know there are tons of great PSD templates out there that haven't been put up here yet.
  6. I've got a pretty nice collection including three that just came in the last week. I'll post pictures soon.
  7. You should just link to the folder in your Photobucket account because your post is just a jumbled mess.
  8. It's cool....I'll just post on my own profile! :-)

  9. Post pictures of it on here and watch it get picked apart.
  10. Thank you. For those that don't know about my hat templates, these two are now available for download: Link for 59 Fifty Template Link for standard cap template These are also my first two uploads on this site. So if you guys can't get to them let me know.
  11. 9erssteve, I was able to download both just fine. Great job.
  12. I have several baseball uniform templates that I can post. I need to get a MediaFire account too. I'll let you know when I post.
  13. That Phillies NL Champions ring is very nice looking.
  14. Baseball Season!

  15. The player you are thinking about is Charles Thomas. He helped the Braves win the division in 2005 then fell off hard when he got to the A's.
  16. Adam Wainwright- I put him first because I actually know him. We played with and against each other for years and he went to my rival High School in the same city. We graduated the same year and my best hit off him came our senior year when I smacked a double to drive in the winning run off him. Great guy too. Kwame Brown- He also went to my rival high school and we graduated the same year. I saw him a lot before he got drafted, and only once and a while after. He was not a bad guy to be around but I have heard that is not the case anymore. Jeff Francoeur- He autographed my Sports Illustrated. Great guy! Random Korean player at the World Baseball Classic- I have no idea whoi he was, but I got a picture with him
  17. If I'm not mistaken, those come from jerseydatabase.com
  18. That kinda trips me out about rings. Some of the League Championship rings look better than the World Series rings.
  19. Atlanta Braves 1999 NL Champion Atlanta Braves 1996 NL Champion Atlanta Braves 1992 NL Champion Atlanta Braves 1991 NL Champion
  20. Milwaukee Braves 1957 Atlanta Braves 1995 I would LOVE to get my hands on a '95 ring.
  21. I dunno about the Rickey Henderson one. After all, he did win the World Series with the Jays. That's more than he can say for a handful of other teams he played for.
  22. What would be the best website to get that from?
  23. Does anyone know what font this is from the 1990 Cubs Road jersey?
  24. does anyone have or know of a good baseball cap template? I would prefer a big one (400x400 or bigger) and PSD or PNG format. Thanks.
  25. Would anyone here be able to put pinstripes on these? I'm looking for Black/Blue/Red on home and away versions.
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