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  1. Question for ColorWerx: Is the Pen's 'Vegas Gold' any different from their regular set? A Pittsburgh journalist is claiming that it is more along the shade of the older Pen's uniforms.
  2. Bills have corrected their collar and it is a huge improvement.
  3. Love the teal jersey, but the black/gold helmet ruins any sort of uniformity for me.
  4. I'm trying to like the helmet. I just can't get into it though.
  5. That helmet... it's definitely different.
  6. "the helmets are drastically different." Oh boy...
  7. What's different other than the yellow cap http://pittsburgh.sbnation.com/2012/12/15/3769534/pirates-uniform-home-alternate-2013
  8. I hope not, otherwise Khan is wasting A LOT of money putting in upgrades.
  9. Why is that? Nike had nothing to do with the logo.
  10. You know it's not good when the only thing you can see on the jersey is the Adidas logo.
  11. Sorry if this has been posted previously, but the Pirates unveiled their new Sunday Alternate look today.
  12. Kind of find the description that Nike has for the teams on their website. For example: And they continue on to 'pimp out' the differences between the new and old, obviously. As compared to those who kept with their previous design. The Packers page does not contain any pictures other than the gloves and cleats. I get the feeling that Nike wasn't too pleased that some teams stuck with the old template. However, I don't blame some of the teams for not changing after seeing the way that collars were destroyed on some of the 'new' jerseys.
  13. I don't think anyone got played, except for those who ignored all the "people in the know" who continually said very little would be changing.
  14. Have the Bengals pants always half-wrapped on the bottom? Bit of a change from what I can remember.
  15. Sorry if someone else touched on this already, the boards going rather slow for me, but the Giants are going to one pair of pants and are going to be changing some stuff up in 2013.