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  1. Was amazing to see, especially on that track. Over a full schedule will be interesting, but that was some great work.
  2. Jeez, at least need to see a goalie angle of that.
  3. Absolutely. Take that old teal jersey, make the shoulder the same color as the jersey (with the new teal), and maybe the numbers in white/black in the old font? Gold stripes added somewhere, but man that works.
  4. I immediately wanted to say that's the typical over-reaction of Texas. If Sark can pull some string, though, that's easily doable. Be on the eye for Army in the top 25, got a good crew returning and going to take Air Force down in Texas this year.
  5. When we have a season starting with no fans, after what happened last year, it was worth the shot. Didn't ruin the day for people there (besides the players ha) I know it got me watching, and that view was beautiful. Worth the integrity of the game for 1 day (or 1 weekend).
  6. If you're playing 8 games in the Spring and then you do another 8 in the Fall, it's absolutely possible. That's 16 games (vs a normal 12) over...8-11 months.
  7. Beautiful. Great different way of including the stars on the uniform. Also a big fan of the positions of the player's name. To go off of davidmiller5, I can see what he is saying. Personally, I love them, but IRL during a game they could be lost. Great work man.
  9. bosox

    Nike Fishsticks

    I've always been a big fan of the Fishsticks design. I'm really digging the teal outlines on the number/name/etc. I don't see the 4 stripes being an issue. If this was a real life situation, it could just be to honor the teams of that era, if they ever won a 5th.
  10. The wordmark is alright, though it's a shame to see a change occurring. They easily could have updated the airplanes without changing an iconic logo. Either way, I'm sure it will grow on me eventually.
  11. Never a fan of adding these odd colored jerseys, especially this gold/tan/khaki jersey. Terrible looking on a uniform.
  12. It took a couple of days for this logo to grow on me, but it has. I like the direction this redesign is taking though. It's simple, classy, and fits perfect for a Brooklyn move.
  13. Never was feeling the change to a stylized Super Bowl logo.
  14. is taken? Oh no! I guess I'll just have to use, or, or now even Hell, if you're really into the future, they even have! If you're going to get some, get them all.