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  1. Was amazing to see, especially on that track. Over a full schedule will be interesting, but that was some great work.
  2. Jeez, at least need to see a goalie angle of that.
  3. Absolutely. Take that old teal jersey, make the shoulder the same color as the jersey (with the new teal), and maybe the numbers in white/black in the old font? Gold stripes added somewhere, but man that works.
  4. I immediately wanted to say that's the typical over-reaction of Texas. If Sark can pull some string, though, that's easily doable. Be on the eye for Army in the top 25, got a good crew returning and going to take Air Force down in Texas this year.
  5. When we have a season starting with no fans, after what happened last year, it was worth the shot. Didn't ruin the day for people there (besides the players ha) I know it got me watching, and that view was beautiful. Worth the integrity of the game for 1 day (or 1 weekend).
  6. If you're playing 8 games in the Spring and then you do another 8 in the Fall, it's absolutely possible. That's 16 games (vs a normal 12) over...8-11 months.
  7. That's crap. Anyone can wear a jersey, just don't tuck it in.
  8. I gotta say, I'm all about cheap jerseys, but if it looks like crap, you might as well just spend $15 on a t-shirt. I've thought about doing this, and have come close, but some of the numbering is just awful. They can't seem to match-up the two sides of a baseball jersey either.
  9. Try it in Internet Explorer if your using anythign else. That helped me.
  10. Can anyone post the actually Vector template to Nick's template? The .zip does not open on my computer.
  11. He's talkin about plain white mask, which I think was only worn once or twice... I know for a fact he wore it at Maple Leaf Gardens in Dec '95. Yea, it was worn for three games only while his design was being painted. I've seen a couple 1995 Roy cards with it. I actually have one of them. Too bad my scanner is BROKE!! Had a feeling it wasn't plain, but hey, I saw white, and it was the last picture in the search....
  12. Rich Gannon - Cheifs Joe Montana - Cheifs Bernie Kosar - Dolphins Patrick Roy - Almost White Mask
  13. Couldn't have been you, must have been my neighbor.
  14. RC - What happened to the International Hockey Jersey Templates? Are they in the Resources file?
  15. ive decided not to do the MLB b/c 1. too many logos and 2. not enough time NHL is complete, although i realized i 4got to add the flyers 3rd jersey logo and the bruins sleeve patch on the 3rds No more battle? Same here. I have almost no time anymore with Mid-Terms coming up...
  16. NFL Logo ZIP File This is only Version 1. I didnt put every logo on yet.
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