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  1. jayjackson, is there any way you have this template with the multi colored piping and a possibility for sleeve piping for a vest?
  2. http://www.echl.com/echl-accepts-seven-new-members-p194005 It looks like its a done deal
  3. http://www.kansas.com/sports/other-sports/wichita-thunder/article2558798.html should be announced sometime today
  4. So I guess this is supposed to be announced later today http://www.kansas.com/sports/other-sports/wichita-thunder/article2558798.html
  5. In chronological order... Kirk Gibson's Walk-Off in the 88 World Series Jerome Brown's death Game 7 of the 1994 Stanley Cup Finals Owen Hart dying on May 23, 1999 (not a real sport, but Owen was my favorite wrestler and I had tickets to Kemper Arena for the PPV and didn't go because it was my Mother's birthday) Eagles losing to St. Louis Eagles losing to Tampa Bay Eagles losing to Carolina Eagles losing to New England Eagles losing to Arizona Game 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals Oakland losing to Detroit in back to back years
  6. Oakland has used (not sure if they still do with the away cap being changed) a road only batting helmet that was exactly like the one you pictured sorry, I just noticed you used the current away A's logo, when I looked the first time I didn't notice the white in it.
  7. I would almost expect the home or road to basically be phased out. Not very many people call them the Athletics, just the A's so if you take that plus a "potential" move coming up, I can see Oakland and Athletics being slowly removed. I can see them keeping both green ones since the script Athletics was primarily a road jersey to start off. Maybe they replace the road gray with the old green as primary road and use the new green jersey as a sunday day game type alt. Don't really know or care either way, but I will be adding this one as well to go with my 72 throwback, 2nd black alt, green, yellow, and gray jerseys.
  8. God, I need one of those gree A's jerseys to go with the rest of my A's collection.
  9. I think that KU should adopt a more aggressive Jayhawk for the football team to use. Something similar to the one used by the KANG like the one on the building in this picture. There is also a diffrent one that I have only seen on the back of a t-shirt my late Dad had, If I can find it, I'll try to scan the image and post it as well.
  10. Philadelphia Eagles Randall Cunningham era Oakland Athletics Tampa Bay Buccaneers original and current West Ham United Vancouver Canucks original Orca look Calgary Hitmen pink and Black Bret Hart look Arizona Diamondbacks original colors
  11. Not sure if I'm going to get the right name here, but Dave Dravecky's arm snapping during a pitch for the Giants was reall bad for me to watch when it happened. Ware's leg is to worst break I have ever seen, but the worst injury I have ever seen period was Napolean McCallum's knee going backwards during a Raiders-49ers Mondy Night Football game
  12. Love the colors on the Wichita uniforms, but I do have a slight suggestion. Ditch the Beechcraft logos in favor of either Cessna or Spirit.
  13. I have been to 2 diffrent parks. Oakland Alameda County Coliseum and Kauffman Stadium. I went to the Coliseum 3 times before the eyesore of Mt. Davis (92 and 93 against Cleveland, Detroit and San Fransisco) and will always remember the view in the outfield with the Safeway logo on the scoreboard. I have been making at least 2 trips to KC a year to see Oakland (my team) and Detroit (my Fiancee's team). I never feel uncomfortable at the K for either game. I wear my A's gear with pride during both and the Royals fans are casual about it. During the A's series they do a salute to the KC a's and that always turns into a rather large group of A's fans meeting up in the outfield and just hanging out, even the original KC A's fans root for Oakland....lol.
  14. Now that McNabb is gone, I think the Black alt is done in Philly too. As far as not wearing the black alt this year because of the 1960 throwbacks, they did wear the blacks in the 75th season IIRC. The 75th and theses new ones are/were one offs and don't count against the league's 3 jersey rule. The Chargers wore a total of 4 uniforms last year. I think the NFL makes exceptions to the rules when a team is celebrating a milestone like the 60 championship, AFL's 50th anniversary and so on. As an Eagles fan, I am loving the Kelly green and classic wing. Now if Lurie would just do us all a favor and bring back either the Jaworski or Cunningham jerseys as the alt, it would be perfect. And to whoever said the number font on the current unis needs to be changed, I agree totally.