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  1. And who is "they"? AAF knew what they were getting from the start. RSL might have had a price which Ebersol and AAF weren't willing to pay.
  2. So the selection committee matched up UCF with Duke just so that Zion could dunk on Tacko Fall, right?
  3. Three recently retired PAC-12 football officials write a letter to Larry Scott about the office meddling in games. If a paywall prohibits you from the Mercury News, here is an excerpt from footballscoop.com
  4. Aside from team executives or family members of the players at the time, just who are "most people"? Americans didn't care. Get real. UTSA hit the field in 2011, but had years to start the program. They school got approval in January 2009, less than 18 months after NFLE folded. Birmingham still wouldn't have cared as they were at the end of their Tubberville love after the 2004 Auburn season and pre-Saban. Memphis was still a college basketball town and spring pro football would've failed against John Calipari's Tigers.
  5. Minimum age for tackle football in Maine?
  6. Nissan Stadium is getting a small renovation. Small being elevators to the Upper Bowl, and the "glitter factor" which North American venues love to tout...bigger video boards and replacing traditional, illuminated advertising with LED ribbon boards.
  7. TJ Dillishaw, Dana White's boy, tested positive.
  8. FYI, on March 20, 2018, Charlie Ebersol formally announced the AAF. Wow, how much has changed. His Birmingham execs have been fired, Salt Lake, Birmingham, Tempe and Memphis cannot draw squat plus Buy 2...Get 2 is their latest ply to have folks attend spring football, an event which the market illustrates there is not a market for to cover expenses.
  9. It is a local TV show now. One which the team wants to own or co-own the channel it will be seen on for 162 out of 365. For the last decade, I think I've gone to three baseball games per year. Going to stadiums I've never been too were part of the travels. Honestly, I really don't give a $hit about new stadiums/venues anymore.
  10. They fire two team execs and that apparently goes under your radar? No comments from neither Ebersol nor Polian, two men who hired those cats Dude, it's not the "Arab Spring", but this seems to be the "Dundon Spring". EDIT: I wouldn't be surprised that the Birmingham execs were fired/dismissed/asked to resign because of two stories in the last five days. Story 1: Team President was interview by USA Today Story 2: Iron VP of Marketing was the focus of Birmingham's WBHM From the WBHM story: Failed scanners? Those crowds looked more like they let anyone within 500 feet in to make the audience look as big as possible. Again, as I said on the last page, why should a new City X have a different result if the local staff is not in the city attempting to get sponsors until the late fall or winter? Ebersol named Birmingham as a city on June 4, 2018.
  11. They still have appeared to break a contract. Sam Boyd Stadium and Las Vegas host the Supercross Finale the weekend after and Canelo is fighting at T-Mobile Arena...I think they'll manage. There's no guarantee that San Antonio plays in it. They have ticket refunds and there really is a likelihood that most people were flying into LAS on Southwest, but there is no change fee, and all of the eight AAF cities have nonstop flights to Love Field. While Sam Boyd Stadium is a drive from The Strip, you only need a car to get there. Frisco and Collin County is an outpost only accessible via car.
  12. I was about to make a similar response. A Major US professional sport dangles the lure again. Garber and MLS would like even more leverage. While there are currently "only two frontrunners", according to Garber, the league as doesn't really have leverage with just two cities competing for one slot. The reality is MLS wants at least one more viable city competing to get more from the eventual winning bid. He really wants Phoenix, Detroit, Charlotte, San Diego, or Las Vegas to get back into this because...BUSINESS*. *- Especially if Nashville and Miami were asked not to have local TV deals past 2022.
  13. For now, Jerry is obviously looking at the tech side and possibly the gambling element. But the gambling side has multiple issues: AAF has investment MGM, while the NFL is with Caesars. To make it, even more, murkier, the Cowboys have an agreement with the Chickasaw Nation's WinStar Casinos. Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft also have equity in DraftKings.
  14. WVU is in for a medicore season at best. 1-Lost QB Will Grier, WR David Stiils, and WR Gary Jennings on the offensive side and Big XII Defensive PoY in David Long Jr. on the defense. Inexperienced and often injured LB corps. 2-Team is moving from a 3-3-5 to a 3-4. 3-The 2019 schedule is pretty tough and 2020-22 are even worse.