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  1. Gambling bills are ready to be signed (or not) by the governors of Montana, Iowa, and and even Indiana.
  2. Bump. The game is officially sold out. https://dfw.cbslocal.com/2019/04/23/2020-nhl-winter-classic-cotton-bowl-sold-out/
  3. https://www.roanoke.com/hokies/virginia-tech-transfer-brock-hoffman-s-ncaa-waiver-request-denied/article_fa89a494-6619-11e9-a1ce-f34c7a90816e.html
  4. The three outside names I hear are just the ones other than Myers kicked around: Presti, Ujiri, and Olshey. Don't count out Kurt Rambis due to Jeanie Buss' relationship with his wife and how insular the Lakers seem to keep themselves.
  5. The whole thing is still modular, with three stands just being tubular structures which you see at HS around the country. It's the double-tiered stand which is going to take the bulk of the construction time in terms of structural steel, concrete, plumbing, and wiring, but it is still modular itself. The timeline they gave to the city was for a nine month construction period. Exactly. Nussli can do this in eight weeks.
  6. The team told the city that they'd conduct asbestos abatement and demolish the current stands. A new, modular stadium can be constructed in less than four months.
  7. Recall, teams held minicamps in December, immediately following the QB "Protect or Pick" Draft in the individual cities.
  8. They received approval for the Lockhart site three weeks ago, but FXE Futbol filed a request for an injunction on the project last Monday. Unlikely since Stephen Ross is at odds with US Soccer and its relationship with SUM.
  9. Football HCs want as much control as they can get from the owner. Many of these coaches, most were long term unemployed, as opposed to retired, would appreciate the "total control of football operations". They prefer if they got to pick the talent they coach as opposed to be given it. Bob Stoops had it at Oklahoma and he had over 100+ players to manage.
  10. Stephen Ross' Relevant Sports sues US Soccer over refusal to sanction events.
  11. Ernie Johnson proved to be the best host in handling the PDX/OKC postgame. So much for Playoff P
  12. Looking to go down 3-1, Oklahoma City's VBSesque crowd leaves early on Easter. Good job! Frauds. Playoff P!
  13. Was Hayes asked by Luck or Vince to say this about the AAF? Individual Team GM's seem like an unnecessary expense with an HC there from the start in a single entity system. A team president for the business side I kinda get, but some of those positions could've doubled up on markets. Multiple accounts in multiple cities is not uncommon.
  14. But you are dealing with a team coached by Nate McMillian: NBA's version of Jeff Fisher, down to the mustache.