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  1. Four of Rutgers' six games have been Unders, including two of their shutout losses. Michigan won 52-0 and the O/U was 50. Maryland beat them 48-7, but most lines were 55.5
  2. Caesars signed up as an the stadium's first "Founding Partner" last November, months before Caesars became the NFL's first casino partner. Caesars also has a partnership with the Ravens While also a "Founding Partner", San Miguel is just the "Official California Casino".
  3. They needed to average 4,000 paid to be "financially stable"
  4. They've only allowed players to accept casino comps of $250 or less since last year. https://nflcommunications.com/Documents/2018 Policies/2018 Gambling Policy - FINAL.pdf
  5. Hopefully, Luis Perez will be able to throw a TD pass in one of his first 14 quarters played in this league.% He only completed 52% of his passes too.
  6. There were at least 11 bets on Indiana of $50K or more last Saturday. Rutgers has scored 10 or less in seven consecutive B1G games. Last time that occurred was in 1962. Look for big bets on both the Gophers (-29 now) and the under (48). And Rutgers ends the season against Ohio State and Penn State.
  7. Minnesota may become the worst 8-0 team ever. Their next two games... @Rutgers Maryland And PJ Fleck may flip his gimmick into a better Power 5 job.
  8. The "Herm Experiment" must beat USC this season to be a success. The Trojans look to be 3-3 after tonight, but their one Pac-12 loss is against the North. Devils have to gain an edge before USC makes a coaching change.
  9. After two years and $15M... Saban 92 Jimbo 51 Saban is 2-0
  10. I honestly don't know who was awesome-er today...Oklahoma's CeeDee Lamb or South Carolina's Israel Mukuamu
  11. Nice of Georgia to keep throwing at a 6'4" corner who has the ball skills of Al Toon, Sr. and already has a pick-6. Kirby has decided himself to let Will Muschamp keep his job. EDIT: And of course, on a 4th Down, Gamecocks get a holding call for a 1st and UGa scores on the next play and ties the game with 1:48 left because that's what a Will Muschamp team does
  12. It will always last in your memory, @GDAWG, always....