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  1. Reba is playing at the Strawberry Festival. Sold out for months. Oh, and Tampa Bay hosts Dallas on Saturday, March 21. Amalie Arena will have their NCAA Second Round games on the Thursday/Saturday rotation. I understand they have to have a home game early in March because of WrestleMania, but whoops!
  2. A CBS Sportsline picker is 13-1 ATS in the 14 XFL games played. https://mobile.twitter.com/SportsLine/status/1233924460991959040 LA/NY was another Under and most places had SEA@STL at a Push
  3. ;Bama strength and conditioning coach Scott Cochran, leaves to take an on-field role at Georgia. While he was making $600K, has been with Saban for all of his national titles, and got a Regions Bank commercial (seen below), Cochran is only 40 and wants to be a coordinator or a HC in the future and there is talk that after years as the eyes and ears for Saban in the off-season, he has worn thin due to years of other staff departures.
  4. Again, the PCL really hasn't gained traction even with a name change and their cities announced, all in the Eastern Time Zone, from Philadelphia to Atlanta. As for the 21-22 year olds. Juniors and Seniors really are not projected as 1st Round selections now and the 2019 Draft had six upperclassmen in the 1st Round which is about average and nearly all are not Lottery Picks. Historically, look here
  5. It's not what show companies make off of college sponsorship, it is the relatively low investment cost of providing equipment (and sometimes cash as we saw in the Gatto/Adidas and the Avenatti/Nike trials) to the AAU/grassroots/EYBL basketball with a greater reward on the back end. Why pay 96-120 guys $50-150K per season when you can just pay four or six kids under the table through their parents, have them attend a college you sponsor for five months at no true cost to you and then get them in the NBA?
  6. Bought by brokers or "investors" who don't get their price met.
  7. That's what David West is trying to do.
  8. CBS, NBC and FOX all have inventory yet they have really yet wanted to fund? Their mid-day talk shows and news must make more $$$ as opposed to selling a bowl game across affiliates. Ain't no more Mizlou Network to distribute Holiday and Bluebonnet Bowls in 2020.
  9. Download and actually read the Guidelines. They are all here: http://www.ncaa.org/championships/postseason-bowl-administration NCAA only gets $10K per bowl per year in a fee.
  10. Yes they do to the majority of the G5 teams. The New Year's Six games mean a lot to schools like the G5 invite, TCU, Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Arizona in terms of ticket sales. Heck, Penn State and UW sell out their requirements for that Fiesta Bowl.
  11. NBA, NHL and MLS use "tickets distributed", so none of that really matters if you are pre-paying your stadium bills like Vince is, right?
  12. USF really struggles to raise money for athletics. That TB Times story you linked to was from 2017, which was one AD ago. That guy was struggling to get donors for a football-specific building for years. They just raised half that $40M needed late last year. They might as well just go to Plant City and try to add to the old Reds spring training stadium complex they currently train at.
  13. While the land is owned by the Town of Harrison through The Harrison Redevelopment Agency, the Red Bulls, who financed the construction of the stadium, contend that the three separate leases they signed with the Agency in regards to the redevelopment of the land, given them the right to operate the stadium as they please. There was a lawsuit brought by the Red Bulls against Harrison which was over property taxes which the team put certain terms of their various agreements within the court's 2014 opinion, which the Red Bulls lost. Excerpts (bolded by me): In addition, Red Bull received all revenue generated by the stadium, including revenue from the sale of the stadium's naming rights. Except for rent, the Agency received no revenue generated by the stadium. The lease defined the "premises" as "the [land], Stadium, Parking Lots and Infrastructure." The Authority and Agency retained some limited rights and interests in the land and stadium during the lease term that allowed them to enforce restrictions on Red Bull's use. For example, Red Bull could only use the stadium for specifically enumerated purposes and could not name it, place signs or advertising outside of it, illuminate it, use it for major events before 7:30 p.m., or transfer any portion of the lease or sublease. In addition, with certain restrictions, the Agency could use the stadium for other purposes, such as international soccer matches, regional college soccer matches, and international rugby matches, which were all open to the general public. The Town could use the stadium for four civic events each year, including public ceremonies, protocol events, high school regional or state championships, and municipal fairs. The Agency's and Town's rights and uses were subordinate and subject to Red Bull's rights and uses. State case law, which is in the linked ruling, points to the team owning the building, thus responsible for property tax. snip
  14. New USC AD Mike Bohn, "Everything is on the table." Also note that even with their third highest fundraising year, UCLA Athletics still ran a $18.9M deficit
  15. Owners apparent will remove the $250K Week 17 game check limit, but those who work directly for NFL Media (NFLN and .com) are presenting a different story than most other NFL writers. Example: Compared to...
  16. Cleveland ESPN affiliate long time Browns reporter over calling Baker Mayfield a derogatory term for little people. Grossi left the Plain Dealer eight years ago after some Tweets regarding then owner Randy Lerner.
  17. The Professional Collegiate League, f/k/a Historical Basketball League Andy Schwarz's idea has a lot of famous names "attached" to it and not enough investors as Schwarz has been at this for at least five years.
  18. How dark is Seattle's? Miami pink looks much lighter than Juventus pink. adidas has a shade of pink used for their women's college basketball uniforms used most of the month too as seen from Sunday's Duke@NC State game.
  19. He really must be upset that High Noon was cancelled yesterday as Pablo was with his wife as she delivered their first child.
  20. AAF actually had their contract with G-III Apparel's sports unit, which in turn renewed their license agreement with Starter's parent Iconix Brands. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/starter-returns-to-the-football-field-through-partnership-with-the-alliance-of-american-football-300687450.html https://licensinginternational.org/news/g-iii-sports-renews-starter-license-as-it-prepares-to-launch-aaf/
  21. Add another hundred thousand bucks to Cuban's fines concerning officiating. https://official.nba.com/l2m/L2MReport.html?gameId=0021900837 They are protesting Sunday's loss at ATL.
  22. Yes, the original San Jose Clash played in that "cavernous" Spartan Stadium.
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