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  1. You might be right, but it's not unusual to wear different jerseys during a game (switch during intermission).
  2. I don't think that's true. There's no fold in the jersey. It's about as flat as it can be. Here's another look at the fishhooked version where there is no fold.
  3. The NHL shield in the top left kind of throws it off.
  4. He's wearing two different versions in those photos. The awful version looks like a miscut. Anyway, Stadium Series logo unveiled:
  5. Upgrade. Serious upgrade. They finally said "Oh yeah...people do kinda like that FloJo look". Way better than this disaster:
  6. Landeskog is wearing two different jerseys...the C's are fairy different. Kinda weird. Sakic's C never had the bottom curl up as much...not sure why they just didn't go back to this (though the second Landeskog jersey is closer):
  7. The triangle in the Penguins’ center ice logo is slightly non-symmetrical this year. The upper right point doesn’t end as close to the center circle as the upper left point. Small difference, but noticeable.
  8. Wizards could improve the look by removing "of Columbia" on the bottom of the mark. Just go with "The District"..... Or even the "the". Just "District". It's cleaner.
  9. For as boring as these are, the City unis better be white and pink for the cherry blossoms.
  10. Purdue's grounds crew should paint the foot prints somewhere on the field...either endzones, 50 yard line, etc.
  11. lol ..."and Vancouver's Coat of Arms is proudly shown on the internet...just search for it like you would search for a Canuck or an Orca!!1!!11!!! #micdrop"
  12. Apparently there were multiple medical carts, but the Steelers' medical staff waved off the additional/backup carts as they decided a cart was not necessary for his concussion.
  13. On the 90s versions it seems like the streaks (both the solo and dual streak designs) and numbers are a different shade of purple than the neck and arm trim.
  14. A Canuck is a white lumberjack? And the original Orca jerseys were introduced in '07? You sure about that? And a few Pittsburgh fans trolling the logo upset you?
  15. Probably, since they likely know an orca is not a Canuck, so they say "Hey Google/Alexa, what is a Canuck?"
  16. But they can easily look it up, right?
  17. It's really odd that Harden apologized to the Chinese government. Putting the Rockets' GM on an island by protecting the interests of the Chinese government is a terrible look for the league.
  18. Literally no one is saying this. Everyone is saying the orca represents Vancouver and the region.
  19. Have two columns of dots on the nose be in the shape of a California outline, but with additional dots around it so it’s not super noticeable
  20. The Avs' navy pants don't match the navy in the alt jersey nor the socks...makes for somewhat of an odd look. It seemed to be a bigger disparity on TV.
  21. I like really like that black one...and in Nike speak it would probably talk about how the angle of the streaks form a valley, a nod to the Valley of the Sun(s). (Nike employees, PM me for my Venmo).
  22. New Coke was also seen as "a step in the right direction" before everyone hated it. The only time Seawolves would be good is if Seattle used it. The history of Johnny Canuck should be celebrated, not thrown away because a team won two Conference finals but couldn't win the Stanley Cup in Game 7.
  23. There are far worse names (non Native related) than Canucks. And when the new team name doesn't win jack in the first few years, everyone will say "Let's just return to was better than what we have now".
  24. Purple, silver, and white (kind of like a K-State or Furman look). Silver for the silver boom. Purple hats with silver letter(s) outlined in white would be pretty great.
  25. The name is fine. Changing it to some collegiate/minor league sounding name would be a mistake. Change for the sake of change is not always a good thing. The Denver Nuggets have had a lot of looks, a lot of colors, and a lot of playoff failures...yet no one would ever be like "We need to change the team name because...well...just because....there's a minuscule chance that a new team name will mean more wins, yeah that's it". There's no reason to think changing it to Seawolves will result in a bunch of championships. And the NHL doesn't need a Washington Wizards scenario where fans just think the new name is weak, the new name doesn't result in better play, and fans just clamor for throwback stuff anyway.