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  1. That's essentially late 90s/early 2000s Milwaukee Bucks, but it would indeed look good. Green and purple are definitely mountainous colors, and obviously tie in to Coors Field.
  2. Not on these new uniforms. All single color outlines. And it's white outlines on the orange jersey.
  3. I don't think there's any gold on any uniform. Just white outlines on the orange jersey, and a white swoosh on the black pants.
  4. Are we pretending non-retractable stadiums don't have shadow issues? - I guess Marlins93 did say something about all parks. I mean, we always hear how no one wants to play the Dodgers in the playoffs because of earlier start times and the shadows.
  5. Beavs on the front looks stupid. Helmet's cool though. When I think Beav (rated G obvs), I think of Wally and the Beav:
  7. Well...the Steelers weren't scared of the white pants...
  8. Do we have a good schedule of TBTC days? Reds are doing 15 games of throwbacks, Phillies are wearing powder blues for road Thursdays, Marlins have another teal weekend, and the Angels have a throwback weekend in August. Any other rumors?
  9. I wish I could do anything as well as you draw football players. These are great.
  10. MLB's current logo is pretty timeless. I really don't see any need to update it.
  11. The Texans helmet looks pretty awesome in that photo, TBH.
  12. So you're saying the Bruins should wear black every game, because they might win the Cup on the road.
  13. Looks like the Mountaineers have a sublimated glacier twill pattern in the numbers and collar...which is clever as the zigzags are essentially Ws and Vs. Kind of annoyed they kept the black facemask on the navy helmet. I'd prefer the navy facemask.
  14. Les Miles' Kansas team was wearing a more traditional (late 2000s) helmet today. The KU logo is on both sides of the helmet.
  15. They wore those against Washington State last it's not really new, but it is better. And the navy/white/white look was great. Still need the white helmet with split stripes.
  16. I'm a huge fan of that helmet (Missouri's tiger paw logo is a joy for me due to nostalgia), but yeah, it doesn't go with the pants.
  17. I will say the green Baylor helmet with the yellow logo is pretty cool. An upgrade there, IMO.
  18. This uniform is better than the regular uniform.
  19. I didn't think Baylor could ever get more plain than these, but I was wrong: The obsession to have "clean" uniforms is kind of annoying and also just making for some really uninspired crap.
  20. Quite possibly one of the worst uniforms in college football history. One day college football teams will realize they don't actually wear uniforms in an 8x8 darkened studio room. Night game uniforms are usually just awful in practice.
  21. Is that the number font the Mighty Ducks used in the 90s? (idk maybe it's a common font) I mean, I really like the font. Not complaing. I doodle numbers when I'm bored in meetings and this is one of the fonts that I try to copy.
  22. I like the All Star hats - actually wouldn't be a bad hat for Cleveland full time (minus the stars). The All-Star Stance socks are really cool with the homage to a band's world tour poster/t-shirt. A couple people on the mothership site said the Angels should have gone with a throwback for July 4th...I thought The Show has them in a throwback? Perhaps the Angels changed at the last minute? The Memorial Day unis are really nice. The Fathers Day caps are pretty bad.