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  1. Why is the purchase happening in July instead of May or June? The scandal has passed. According to you, the papers were ready to be signed two months ago.
  2. I did forget about the limited 2015 unis...but it was 8 teams, not 6. Again...8 teams/32 makes a lot more sense. Also, the NFL already had plans for all 32 teams in 2015 (according to the news release) wasn't "if it's successful". I like how you can tell us it will be the Broncos, now, before the sale, since for weeks you told us you couldn't say what team it was.
  3. What are the measures of success? NFL fans will buy anything. The NFL went full-steam into Color Rush, and I expect Nike would do that with another program as well. To do it only for 6 out of 32 teams seems really fake. Wouldn't 8 teams (25%) sound more realistic????? There's no way Jerry Jones wasn't included in the first run of this, so your info seems bunk from the start. The fact that the Steelers or Packers aren't included (two of the biggest fan bases in the NFL) is also just laughable. And Bezos is now buying the Broncos? HAHAHAHAHA I thought you said there was a PR scandal? What was the PR scandal for the Broncos in March/April?
  4. I was not signed up, so that was the issue. It showed up once I logged in for something that I'll use once and then forget about it. This might be the most annoying contest I've ever signed up. Adidas could have made it so simple.
  5. I'm in the app and the exclusive giveaways are something with Little Mermaid, and win adidas Allbirds.
  6. Gino Cappelletti is #20, and he was a kicker, but he joined the team as kicker/DB and also played offense. 1960s football was different.
  7. "End of an Era" might be the dumbest marketing line I've seen to "celebrate the season" Not sure who thought that was a good idea. Also limiting voting to app-only is kinda lame.
  8. Probably for trademark protection.
  9. That's a vintage roadmark...the R's are the most noticeably different, and the N's, W,s and O's have slight differences. ^current without the white outline
  10. I guess the only follow up I have is it's odd the team store doesn't have Jordan/Jumpman Statements available for any player. My assumption is the purple jersey is the least popular of the choices
  11. Probably nothing, but one can hope...Lakers Team Store website (not a Fanatics experience) is selling purple swingmans for $70.
  12. The “very dark navy” adds a nice contrast to the regular navy?
  13. Another find of weird numbers for WRs in the 1990s, due to discussion of number changes this year: WR/KR Clarence Verdin wore #2 for the Falcons in 1994...all of the 80s were taken up, but strangely no one on the team wore a number in the teens. 1994 Verdin
  14. I would take the current Browns stripes 1000000 times out of 1000000 over a floating stripes idea. Floating stripes are great for Florida and (to a lesser degree) Ohio State, but the Browns have too much history to copy an idea like that.
  15. That's fair, but the Browns have made two orange stripes a defining mark. You see it on the brown pants and the hanger effect, and the sleeve stripes have two orange stripes on both the home and road jersey. There are lots of ways to look at stripes on jerseys, and it all comes down to personal preference.
  16. The Browns' white pants have always looked better as orange/brown/orange. The Hurricanes used to wear orange-green-orange on the helmet and it didn't look awful: The Patriots' silver pants were always red/navy/red stripes, and if they wear the silver pants this year, the stripes will again be red/navy/red. If the Pats were to wear white jerseys with silver pants, both sets of stripes should be red/navy/red.
  17. They’re pretty consistent, IMO... red stripes with the middle stripe being the same as the number color (and the inverse of the jersey color)
  18. Probably nothing, but still awkward to use pants that haven't been worn since 2017.
  19. The Pats' adidas jackets were pretty cool, IMO. Definitely seemed more team-oriented than the templated Starter jackets.
  20. Washington had two-colored Adidas logos on their uniforms in 1999; Tampa Bay had two-colored Adidas logo on their road white unis in 1999-99, but switched to all-black on the white jerseys in 2000. San Diego and San Francisco just had single-colored Adidas logos.
  21. They switched to white numbers because it was too hard to read the red it's not really perfection. Even the designer knew the red numbers might be tough, which is why they have the white tv numbers.
  22. Non-traditional take on "wrong" uniform: Willie McGinest wearing a '93 Patriots uniform at the '94 Rookie photo shoot; note Willie's wearing a red facemask when the red-numbered set was worn with gray facemasks in '93.
  23. The '94 set was probably my favorite of the blue era, with the white numbers outlined in red. The '93 set with red numbers was pretty good, and looks nice in photographs, but if you watch a '93 Patriots game on YouTube it's very tough to read the numbers (though the '93 videos seem more grainy then what I remember as a kid). I do hope they bring back the 95-99 set as throwback at some point. The bright royal blue just looks good, they don't need an additional helmet shell color, and unpopular opinion - I liked the big shoulder logos (and I liked them on the Cowboys too). The double stripe on the pants is a really good look.
  24. The sleeve caps are pretty hideous and seemingly without reason. The school name on the pants stripe is pretty bad too.