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  1. The Kings jerseys could be improved. The sleeve piping isn't awful...but it's not great...and the torso stripes being on the white jersey but not the black jersey is odd. I also think they could make the pencil logo silver on both jerseys (to make it even more 90s-like) but they won't.
  2. I like the metallic finish, looks great in the sun. But looking at old pictures (and by old pictures I mean late 90s on Google images) the non-metallic finish did have some charm to it.
  3. Look all around the big white rectangle (indoor light) next to the 20...see all the gray dots in the burgandy paint? Metallic.
  4. Twitter rumor (from a guy who heard from a guy who knows someone) says Buffalo will unveil new jerseys next week...
  5. Metallic flakes/sparkle is clearly there. The sparkle can be seen in that preview still shot.
  6. The team has had a metallic clear coat finish for at least 15 years...I'm not I see the new finish here...
  7. Agreed...the ball never dips below the "net" on the actual trophy.
  8. Kinda wondering why they didn't make the blue arcing space on the helmet decal the orange color. Would have been much subtle, would have made the decal fit better with the orange accents on the numbers, and would have still created enhanced 3D ram horn.
  9. There actually aren't a lot of red/white/blue teams in college football. Clearly not Arizona. Clearly not Kansas. Kind of close to Houston or South Alabama. Classic looks often look generic.
  10. I collect jerseys and hats of non-favorite teams if they are in my favorite travel destinations... and other teams just out of nostalgia.
  11. I believe it was DHGate that leaked the Lakers update in 2018...but I think it was a t-shirt or a hoody or something. But yeah...the knockoff sites are largely unreliable and pretty much design stuff around internet rumors.
  12. Those pictures are from...30 years ago...
  13. Not bad...the red helmet with the red jersey will always be the best look. The blue jersey is pretty cool though.
  14. Thicker collars are ubiquitous on NHL jerseys, especially if they're two -color (look at the LA Kings 80s/90s throwback). While I'm pretty sure the Sens jerseys will look like those...that DHGate listing isn't using official graphics (no adidas branding on the back neck), rather just photoshop jobs of the usual adidas authentic presentation. Nothing is really new,'s all based on what's been reported.
  15. is a reliable page.
  16. 2020 NBA Draft hat? Looks legit. Not my pic, found online.
  17. Nothing confirmed...just speculating... Northwestern FB tweeted about the 1995 season like 9 billion times this week...gotta think '95 throwbacks are coming for the 25th anniversary of Rose Bowl. Also...I think this is just for retail only...but Gator throwback in the works?
  18. The new road grays for Pittsburgh are fantastic. Great to see that script again.
  19. Really no different than an NFL team celebration in the end’s just really awful that players are clever and like to have fun...
  20. Gold as an accent color really works for the Nats. These unis have way too much gold...but it’d be great if they could find a way to use it again.
  21. As someone noted earlier the S is similar to the Seagram's S... But it reminds me of the font used on college diplomas...I think that's where the familiarity kicked in for me:
  22. I think the extra gold will look fine if the sleeve and back numbers are white (or black) with red outlines. Kinda thinking it'll look better in full jersey context.
  23. Remember CCSLC member @GiantPacificOctopus? He probably should go buy some lottery tickets.