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  1. Un believable. His longest in his career was only 50 yards.
  2. I only got 1 pick, and only one score was reported. I think it may be time to pull the plug. At least NHL Roshambo lasted a few weeks.
  3. I know it may be confusing but you have to first now what team your playing at. Once you know that you have to look on my post on page one that shows who to pm. The reason you cant pm the division leader of the divison your playing at is because what happens when your playing the division winner. he cant take scores for his own game. also we couldnt do NFC East to AFC East, NFC North to AFC North... is because the NFC West and AFC West play each other. Tank you will be pming squeaks4. He is the NFC West leader. All games being played at and AFC North team will pm squeaks4. Just look at my post on page one that says who to pm.
  4. I say yes, give it at least one week. If it doesnt work out then too bad we gave it a try.
  5. I say we do week 1, if week 1 doesnt work out then well pull the plug, but for the preseason games I had only thought we were doing week 2. But no ones still picked the Dolphins. I say we give it at least one week.
  6. Those are pretty nice, you should just try to incorporate Dallas's colors into the jerseys. Really nice template though.
  7. Heres my team in a 12 team league QB- Daunte Culpepper, Kurt Warner RB-Edgerrin James, Ronnie Brown, Chester Taylor, Joseph Addai WR-Derrick Mason,Brandon Lloyd, Javon Walker, Joey Galloway TE-Antonio Gates,Jeramy Stevens Kickers-John Kasay, Jay Feely Defense-Carolina
  8. Something is screwy here in a major way. I've got the Eagles. My NFC East leader is sp0rtsguy. My exhibition game last week was against an AFC North team (Baltimore), and my team was the visiting side. My picks went to the NFC West leader (squeaks4). I sent him my picks, as instructed (although I don't understand what the NFC West had to do with a game played at an AFC North stadium). That said, the Eagles host another AFC North team tonight in Philadelphia. Who am I PMing so they know what I'm throwing? Little help please... It was easy to figure out who to instruct you to pm in the NHL version, because every division played only 2/3 in the opposing conference. In that situation, the division leader received picks for games at the home team of the division he did not play. I would have done it, AFC North leader receives games at NFC North teams, and AFC West leader recieves picks for games at NFC West teams, and so on. However there was a problem that the AFC West and NFC West play each other during this season. So figuring out which divisions didnt play each other I decided who you pm. It may be confusing but its the reason why the NFC East leader doesnt receive NFC East picks, but however recieves AFC East picks. Its all on the first page of this thread.
  9. I suggested Orlando Croc. Quite simply to go with the near by University of Florida Gators.
  10. Ok Ill guess Ill pm everybody, and I like RC's idea too.
  11. According to wikipedia, Eastern-Middle East-Africa
  12. Bump Miami and Tennesee still avaliable And remember were doing the preseason week 2, check above for who you send your picks to. I will not be doing that during the regular season, you are responsible for knowing who to send your picks to. Division leaders, after each week once you report the games, also give the standings for your division.
  13. Yes we are, all picks pmed to who was listed above a minimum one hour before the start of your game. Please, anyone for the Titans or Dolphins. Also, we need either OB33, lopernv or sscrunner06 to volunteer for the AFC South leader.