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  1. like them ALL better than the slug jerseys we have.... again, I would have bought any version of the above ... I will NOT be buying a slug
  2. someone made these and posted them on the message boards at sabresreport.com this shows us a glimpse of what COULD have been... using this version or one of the newer humanot designs would have been a total 100% improvement and I think all fans would have settled for it, even if they wanted these weirdly designed jerseys again, I did not make these and am not claiming I did... I think the logo is one of many humanot's 2003 designs
  3. no where to actually see some good pics of the jerseys... I watched the whole thing live and would still like to see close ups of the jerseys. sabres.com still sucks donkey... only first page is blue and gold, rest still black and red... no updates at the NHL store either, but yet sabres.com says "buy new gear online now"... what a joke.
  4. I like them... especially your last update... I have a feeleing that I'd much rather have these than what I'm going to see on Saturday...
  5. i would actually buy the Batman one... and possibly the Green Lantern and Punisher ones.... I'm a huge Batman fan so I have a hard time wearing other characters logos, but I do like them. Good work!
  6. hometown is buffalo, ny this isn't my HOME town, but it's where I live now.... greensburg, pa
  7. I grew up in Buffalo and wish I was still there... if I could find a good job and not pay the taxes count me
  8. no one has really answered... is that the real wordmark or not? if not, who made it and why wasn't that explained better when it was first posted?
  9. the fact that Tazz is now keeping quiet and that Pantone isn't saying anything is SCARY. Tazz was discussing until someone posted the picture and what he described earlier is pretty much what got posted. I believe PANTONE said a little while ago that he has seen the new logo as well, and neither one has said "this is NOT the logo"... but I've seen them say that in the past when people bring up "leaked" items. Their silence is quickly making me disgusted because this becoming a reality makes me ill.
  10. I don't like the Nightwing AT ALL! That is the cheesey cartoon animated series Nightwing outfit (logo) any true Batman and Nightwing fan will tell you that they hate that version. The comics version is soooo much better. That is the comics version of Nightwing's uniform. Has been for 10 years now. The cartoon version has the blue stripey things meeting with an abstract bird shape in the middle--and sometimes is red instead of blue. (And indeed the cartoon version is lame compared to the comics version.) Unless you're talking about Nightwing's original comics uniform: ... with the vision-obstructing ear-high collar and unarmored chest that would have gotten Dick killed on his first patrol, and which got him kicked out of the Village People for being "too flaming." Or his second uniform, which actually kind of looks like something Nike would force soccer players to wear: Oh, and those Flash uniforms absolutely rock. dude, he changed it to the current nightwing... when he first did it, it was the cartoon bird thing on his chest. No offense, but I know my comics.
  11. I don't like the Nightwing AT ALL! That is the cheesey cartoon animated series Nightwing outfit (logo) any true Batman and Nightwing fan will tell you that they hate that version. The comics version is soooo much better. just my 2 cents as a HUGE comic fan and an "all things Batman historian" but overall they are cool ideas even though I don't like soccer at all... EDIT: I just realized that my post could be taken the wrong way... this is not a criticism on your work, you didn't create that crappy Nightwing outfit/logo... all you did was use it in your concept. I'm just a bitter comic fan that is angry at WB for messing with characters I love. so don't take this the wrong way.
  12. thanks for the kind words... I wanted it to be a shirt about the TEAM... that's why I designed the front that way. I wanted something simple that said TEAM. I had other designs, but when it came down to it, I went with this because this team may only be together for this year and I wanted it to say (show) how hard they work and work together. I agree though, the front isn't the best design in the world. I'm going to add Peters, Janik and Jillson, and make new ones for my family and friends this weekend. burgess, where do you live? Buffalo?
  13. here is a t-shirt I made the other day for the Sabres... I left off a few players that played sparingly during the year because it didn't fit the rows, but I will be re-doing it and adding them, especially since it looks like they will be playing with all the injuries we've had. what do you think?
  14. first I have to plug my own team's wallpaper I made, so if you haven't seen that yet, check it out in this thread Now, here is the Ducks wallpaper...
  15. sorry, I will do that today and get it up... I'm glad to see at least one person was "waiting" for it. makes me feel good, thanks
  16. It's been good luck for the first two rounds so I thought I better do another one... here's a look at my Eastern Conference Finals wallpaper for the Sabres any thoughts on it?
  17. someone (WISDUCK) asked me to make one in my Sabres thread, so here is my attempt at a similar one using the Mighty Ducks
  18. thanks, glad you like it... someone asked for a Ducks round 2 desktop... I put it in it's own thread. tell me what you think over there...
  19. here is my updated bracket... I took both the advice above... what do you think? I'm thinking I should move the numbers to a different location, I moved them around but I figured I leave them here for now to see what everyone thinks...
  20. I did think of that and I tried it, but I thought it looked wierd in places where the 1st and 2nd round team logos were close together... If I have time I'll do it and see what you guys think....
  21. someone posted them a while ago... I think the title was something like "NHL releases official playoff logos"... I got them from there
  22. I did one like that, but then thought it looked like I screwed up the rankings or something so I took it off... maybe I'll put them back and see what you guys think. thanks for the input
  23. updated bracket for round 2... NHL Playoff Bracket updated to round2