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  1. *** Hi, guys. How's everyone been? My apologies if these have been previously posted. Otherwise, enjoy.
  2. LOVE DON'T GRIP. Arizona had lost five of its previous six games despite opening the season on an extended home stand. The Snakes scored two runs or fewer in each of those losses. Pressure had built on the team ever since Manny Ramirez joined the rival Dodgers in the middle of last season. Nothing since had gone quite right and the Diamondbacks were gripping. Then Conor Jackson stepped to the plate. With two outs in the eighth, he launched an 0-1 curveball into the left field stands for a three-run homer that gave Arizona its first lead of the game. And in that moment, the grip was released. Read all about it on
  3. I'll take Chicago. With the 18th Pick in the First Round of the 2009 NFL Draft (and w/ several picks thereafter), the Chicago Bears select Jay Cutler, quarterback, from the Denver Broncos.
  4. Say hello to the new Top 5 tight end in your fantasy draft.
  5. Cutler will wear No. 6. Bears ought to retire No. 8.
  6. I hope not. Nobody knows we exist unless we tell them. We're trying to raise our visibility in a number of ways. We spread the word person-to-person, through our personal email lists, printed materials, Twitter, other online communities, etc. I don't think that's spamming, which I associate w/ anonymous blasts sent at random. We don't operate that way. You'll only hear about Diamondbacks Nation if you frequent the same places and have at least some of the same interests that we do. I post here because this is a forum for people w/ interest in sports and because CCSLC has been integral to the development of our site. I honed my writing style on these boards, got my first opportunity to write about the Diamondbacks through here. Many in this community can appreciate why Arizona's new logo and colors were an inspiration; it's hard to imagine doing what we've done if the Snakes were still dressed like Easter baskets. Those new colors are the basis for our new logo and site design. Once those elements were put in place, this project started to become real for us.
  7. Great questions. No, at this point, we do not have press credentials. For obvious reasons, MLB and the various teams don't afford clubhouse access to anyone who hangs up a shingle. In time, we'd like to establish a track record of quality writing and build a readership broad enough to justify getting press credentials. Until then, we think that there's valuable insight to be gleaned by watching the games from the stands like our readers do. If we see a player make a great catch, we can witness that as well from our seats or on TV as from the press box. If a manager misuses his pitching staff, we don't have to have a press pass to write about it. While there will be some straight reporting, Diamondbacks Nation will also include a good bit of commentary. We don't intend to simply repeat what others have already done. We were baseball fans before were were Diamondbacks fans, so we read, watch and listen to baseball through a wide variety of sources. We're cognizant of what others say and write, but we aim to provide provide original material looking at the game from an Arizona perspective Today's feature comparing Chris B. Young and Rockies CF prospect Dexter Fowler is an example. It draws from our own experiences watching the players, as well as information we've collected from Baseball America, Baseball Prospectus,,, and other sources. We took all that source material and presented an analysis that you won't find anywhere else. We hope that will be of interest to baseball fans of all affiliations.
  9. From the pages of DIAMONDBACKS NATION, a series of epic head-to-head battles, featuring: * CHRIS B. YOUNG v. DEXTER FOWLER! * MADISON BUMGARNER v. MANNY RAMIREZ! * BRIAN SABEAN v. JOSH BYRNES! * CARLOS GONZALEZ v. THE PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE! Who will win?! Who will lose?! WILL ANYONE MAKE IT OUT ALIVE?! (Diamondbacks Nation assures its readers that no players, general managers, or animals were harmed in the making of this Farm Bureau report. Also, no April Fools Day pranks will be played for at least 363 more days.)
  10. You can quit rolling your eyes now. We confess! wow. you....almost....had us? What's that, Grumpy McGrumplestein? I can't hear you when you mutter.
  11. You can quit rolling your eyes now. We confess!
  12. You might feel differently if you were a member of the Seattle literary community.