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  1. Wearing a banana hammock would be an upgrade over this - a "meh one at that"? Surely, you can't be serious!
  2. You spelled “better than we have in a long, long time” wrong.
  3. I’m also disappointed in not being able to immediately identify the uniform manufacturer.
  4. Customized helmet bumpers to show where each player went to college? GENIUS!
  5. Wow, that revision is cool AF. (Yea, I already know...exit stage left).
  6. A bit of a disappointment? Sure. But again, big picture. Compare these to the WLAF jerseys they have been wearing for the past several years. These look FANTASTIC by comparison.
  7. Making that post sure took a lot of balls. (Don’t bother getting up...I’ll show myself out).
  8. More evidence that the gigantic flag logo sucks badly...
  9. I was 13 when they moved...Baltimore Colts still sounds better than Indianapolis Colts, but that’s just me...
  10. I still find it odd that the podium says “INDIANAPOLIS” instead of “BALTIMORE,” but I’m an old-timer, so, yea...
  11. I stopped in to see if there were any...instead. I got to read up on the Jaguars.
  12. So much for Buccaneers updates...nice to see we’re back to discussing Jacksonville’s helmets though...
  13. I do, but then again I’m a Pistons fan...seeing Dennis Rodman in a Bulls jersey still makes me a bit ill.
  14. Like getting their butts whooped at home in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals? (I’ll show myself out)
  15. And people think that orange and pewter don’t mix? Pewter + pewter evidently = YUCK!
  16. Exactly. If the Detroit Lions switched their colors to maize and blue and promptly rattled off five straight Super Bowl titles, even the biggest Michigan State Spartan fan would be wearing the new Lions gear.
  17. Let’s not get crazy here and add gold to the mix - red, black, and white is the ONLY way to go for the Falcons.
  18. That Georgia look is simply the equivalent of Playboy for NCAA Football Uniforms for me.
  19. LOVE the new Charger bolt. HATE the additional bolt hanging from the “A” though. Sooo unnecessary.
  20. The 1980’s and early 1990’s were my high school and college years, so I am familiar with Jim McMahon. I did not recall those bolt-less pants though. Paired with white socks, even MORE hideous.
  21. No, for real, I actually do... ...that’s a lie. I don’t. No one says that.
  22. You say toe-may-toe, I say toe-mah-toe.
  23. The grey pants - even minus the blue striping - reminds me of the Giants.
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