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  1. That would actually look great on the back of the right field scoreboard at Shea. Nice job!
  2. They added the blue on the outside of the stadium between the 1986 and 1987 seasons. The neon players were added I believe in 1989.
  3. I live in the Trenton area myself and I HATE this new look. Granted, the original logo probably isn't great... but at least it was ours. Now they look like any other minor league team. Those new logos have too much of an Arena Football feel to them. I'm terribly disappointed. Also, that new home cap looks very similar to the Wilmington Blue Rocks BP cap of a few years ago featuring mascot, "Rubble."
  4. They used to have "New Jersey" painted in one of the end zones at Rutgers Stadium but did away with it - I think - when they switched turfs. In addition, they used to have "New Jersey" at the one end of the basketball court at the RAC but that too is gone. Now I believe it says "Rutgers" on both ends. I liked when it said "New Jersey" on one end and "Rutgers" at the other. It's different from every other state university.
  5. Nice work, Whchoclte! I'd however tweak the script logo... to me, it resembles the Kansas City Royals.
  6. You could always buy the centerfirld bleacher seats for seven dollars (which is a pretty good view) and then just move around. I didn't find the ushers too strict ther as far as checking to make sure everyone is in their assigned section and seat. You could definitely relocate to the upper deck between the baselines and save a few bucks...
  7. I'm pretty sure Johnny Damon wore the home BP jersey for a road game in Clearwater on Sunday. His side panels looked a lot brighter than those of his teammates... at least on TV anyway.
  8. Thanks, Bearcats! I appreciate your help.
  9. Hey, Everyone... Does anybody know the font for the "got milk?" ad campaign? I'm helping put together something for a charity fundraiser and need to know to get some shirts made up. Thanks!
  10. Overall, none of them look very professional at all. I'm betting the Yankees don't wear that. It looks like something sold outside the stadium for five bucks.
  11. I have the baseball version of this book. It came out in 1981 and has an artist's sketch of what the new White Sox uniforms were going to look like in 1982.
  12. I agree with TP49 that the Yankees will probably end up being all navy. Some years back they tried a different BP jersey for road games with "NEW YORK" spelled out across the chest in block letters. That only lasted a couple of Grapefruit League games...
  13. It's official... they're back to being the "Syracuse Chiefs." They are using the Blue Jays colors now and are featuring a train in the primary logo. Not a bad look. The train is a nice shout out to the railroad tracks behind the right field fence.
  14. They had a manual scoreboard built for that one game only.
  15. It's possible they are just running behind on production. I heard that was the case for the new BP jerseys so considering they are both made by Majestic, I'm thinking we'll see all the new stuff in time for Opening Day, if not Spring Training.