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  1. “It all means that Fanatics, which bought Majestic in spring 2017 as part of a $225 million acquisition from VF Corp., has a new partner in the deal that will keep the production of MLB on-field uniforms and fanwear at the company’s plant in Palmer Township well into the future. The Newlins Mill Road plant typically employs anywhere from 500 to 600 people, the largest remaining apparel manufacturer in the Lehigh Valley’s shriveled garment industry. More specifically, Fanatics has the licensing rights in the deal to manage the manufacturing and distribution of the Nike MLB Authentic Collection, as well as Nike and Fanatics fan gear, sold through various retail channels. In addition to playing a key role in the manufacturing of fan gear, the Palmer plant will continue to make the on-field uniforms once the deal with Nike starts, confirmed Fanatics spokesman Meier Raivich and Nike spokesman Josh Benedek. The only difference is the plant’s workers will stitch the Nike Swoosh onto the front of each jersey, rather than the originally planned Under Armour logo.” Makes sense given MLB’s “Made in America” policy.
  2. ^ I remembered your original scoop and was just about to post the same article. Nice work, @the_Raptors_king!
  3. Drip, drip? (not my photos)
  4. Precisely. Raptors has never been a suitable nickname for the team, and while I wish MLSE had taken this opportunity to move forward with a Huskies rebrand, might as well distance the franchise from the cartoony 1990s identity they've been stuck with since Jurassic Park.
  5. Can anyone help me out? What is font is the "CELTICS" on the C's jersey? Thanks
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