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  1. Connor McDavid’s rookie year was the Oilers last year at Rexall Place.
  2. Thank God they got rid of those uniforms because those were the absolute low point of Cal football. The only good things were the colors and number font. They look fantastic now.
  3. On that note, I like the thicker black stripes on the pants, even if it’s inconsistent with the helmet stripes.
  4. Agree. The worst part is that they destroyed the original dugouts, one of the most important parts of the ballpark. I understand why they did it, but it wouldn’t have happened on my watch.
  5. Wow huge improvement. They actually look great now.
  6. I don’t know about fantastic, but it is pretty solid.
  7. Or a team being officially called Vegas instead of Las Vegas.
  8. The Blue Jackets and Wild played at Reunion Arena. The Predators played at the Great Western Forum and McNichols Sports Arena and they might’ve played at Maple Leaf Gardens and Greensboro Coliseum. The Hurricanes played at Miami Arena. The Coyotes might have played at the Capitol Center. The Avalanche might have played at the Montreal Forum, Ottawa Civic Centre, Buffalo Memorial Auditorium, and the Spectrum. The Mighty Ducks played at Chicago Stadium and St. Louis Arena. The Panthers might have too. The Thrashers played at Consol Energy Center. The Whalers played at Bell Centre, Canadian Tire Centre, KeyBank Centre, Wells Fargo Center, and Amalie Arena (all of which had different names at the time). The Jets played at Rogers Arena and might have played at TD Garden (both also had different names). The Nordiques might have played at United Center and Kiel Center (now Enterprise Center). The Nationals played at Busch Memorial Stadium. The Devil Rays played at the Kingdome. The Diamondbacks might have played there too. The Kansas City A’s played at Anaheim Stadium.
  9. Matt Hasselbeck as Brian Urlacher for Halloween
  10. So this is basically a player on a wrong team, but a uniform that looks good?
  11. This has probably already been mentioned, but there is a new batting helmet model this year that some players are wearing. It looks like the baseball equivalent of the Riddell Speedflex, with all those ridges and vents that serve no purpose. It looks really ugly and I hope it doesn’t catch on.
  12. Manny Machado in a uniform he’ll only wear for one year
  13. It’s called sarcasm. It makes a lot of sense. It gets hot and humid as hell in Texas in the summer and it rains a lot, so they really need a retractable roof. Because they made the mistake of building an outdoor stadium in a very hot and humid climate.
  14. Baseball is meant to be played outside, and they want the option of doing so when the weather is nice enough.