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  1. And that is the very reason why Jazz fans (not to mention most people roaming these boards and making the decision-makers in the NBA) are against changing the name. It would be a revisionist nightmare of epic proportions. EDIT: Not to forget that the franchise is entering its 36th season of play in Salt Lake as opposed to its first 5 in New Orleans How is that revisionist? No one is suggesting they should pretend the Utah Jazz never existed, just that the name should be changed.
  2. I don't see how that makes it an appropriate fit. Just because they have more history in Utah doesn't mean that the name makes more sense than it does for New Orleans. Jazz music is one of the things New Orleans is best known for. Utah is about as well known for jazz as Winnipeg is for beaches and bikinis.
  3. Me too...would I want it for any of the East Coast or Midwest teams? Of course not...but this is MIAMI we're talking about here. Bright and flashy visuals is what Miami does best... Miami is on the east coast.
  4. At least the Wolves don't have the Blues logo on their jerseys (or the Canucks when they were affiliated with them).
  5. Do they really need to wear Jets jerseys AND have the Jets logo on their shoulders? As if just one or the other isn't enough to let people know they're the Jets' affiliate?
  6. Including myself. I love my Bisons, I love my Marlies, I love my Keys, and not because they are the minor league affiliate of a team i care about. I want my major teams affilates to do well, but not at the expense of my teams. EDIT: my point was, that the price that Neulion charges is insane, not that their service is bad and is something i would like to have, but not at that price Right there with you. I'm pulling for the local AHL Gulls all the way even though I'm a Sharks fan. Once the players move up, well then they're just Ducks, whom are the enemy. I get what you're saying, but it still seems awkward to cheer for your hated rival's prospects. Most Gulls fans will probably root for the Ducks too. The Gulls even wear the Ducks logo on their shoulders.
  7. Hard nosed =/= dirty. He was just doing his part to help the team. If a guy on the Giants did the same thing, you'd love it.
  8. If that does happen, it won't be this year. Game 4 of the WS is in a National League ballpark.
  9. I know, right? Instead we'll end up having a likable team like the Blue Jays or Royals in the World Series. What a shame, the last thing baseball needs is a new, exciting team to bring fresh blood to the fall classic. Oh well. There's still hope for a Patriots/Cowboys Super Bowl or a Ducks/Red Wings Stanley Cup Final.
  10. I really hate this 'all the games starting at the same time'. It makes it really hard to flip around between games.
  11. Well, winning the pennant in 1984 didn't save the great Padres' uniforms of that season; and I doubt that anything would have been different if they had won the World Series. And the Rams' win in the Super Bowl after the 1999 season didn't save that team's beautiful uniform. So, if, by some fortunate chance, the Brewers have a change of uniform in the planning stage, a pennant or World Championship probably wouldn't alter the plans. What great uniforms did the Padres wear in 1984? All I remember are these:
  12. For the atmosphere and experience. At least Barclays Center has a big HD video board that people can watch the game on, something America West didn't have. Plus I think they're charging a lot less for those seats.
  13. Isn't the renovated Coliseum only supposed to hold like 13,000? I think they're turning it into dedicated concert venue like the Forum.
  14. They went with that angle throughout the game. It was a little too weird for me but the commentators were saying how it was somewhat like a video game. I agree.A few years ago the Kings broadcast an entire game (regular season) from the camera above the penalty box. The fans didn't like it and they never did it again.
  15. Mods are allowed to have an opinion, and are allowed to disagree with you. If you put your opinion out there in public? People can, and will, disagree with it. Mod or not.And that's fine. It would just be preferable if you could disagree with someone without insulting them in a backhanded manner. Isn't that exactly what crashcarson did? You're scolding someone for doing something while defending someone else for doing the exact same thing.
  16. Yeah...no. When you wear a uniform for 7 and a half years, it's not the wrong uniform. Those Kings uniforms are even called the Gretzky era uniforms. In fact there's probably no other uniform in sports more closely associated with one single player.
  17. Yeah, these are really good too. Go back to Salt Lake City if we're going to have western AAA.Yes, Utah should definitely have an AHL team again. Utah Grizzlies was the first team that came to mind, when i saw the title of this thread. I love the uniform, i love the logo, i love the colors and i love the name. It's just an overall great identity. In fact, forget about the AHL, if they promise to wear that exact uniform and name, Utah can have an NHL expansion team as far as i'm concerned.I agree I'd love to see an NHL team in Utah. But they should definitely AT LEAST have AHL.
  18. Whoa, maximum '90s! I can hear Real McCoy just looking at it. Yeah, these are really good too. Go back to Salt Lake City if we're going to have western AAA.Yes, Utah should definitely have an AHL team again.
  19. So, Finland, in regards to hockey, is the complete opposite of The Best Fans in Baseball?Also, Finland kinda sounds like Montreal. It's September, you can probably take down your Blackhawks profile pic now.
  20. Yeah, it's a revelation when the home team isn't cheating by matching camouflaged uniforms & playing surface.Are the Jets, Eagles, and Packers cheating by wearing green uniforms?
  21. The Kings play a preseason game in Las Vegas every year.
  22. Ah, good catch. I didn't think about his college days. I also didn't notice the shoulder stripes. Now that I look at them they are a dead giveaway. But still like you said, a good job.
  23. I think the latter since there's another Colt in the picture and it would be far less work than 'shopping a whole uniform.