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  1. Billy Meredith played for both Manchester City and Manchester United.
  2. Players who have played for both the Kings and Sharks: Rob Blake Jeremy Roenick Martin Jones Torrey Mitchell Tom Preissing Scott Thornton Darryl Sutter coached both teams
  3. I was thinking of starting a thread just like this a while back. There’s a whole bunch of players who have played for both the Kings and the Ducks: Dustin Penner (only player to win a Stanley Cup with both teams) Sean O’Donnell Bob Corkum Stu Grimson Kyle Calder Nate Thompson Oleg Tverdovsky Craig Johnson Jean-Sebastien Aubin Jonathan Bernier Dan Bylsma George Parros Lubomir Visnovsky
  4. Who the hell knows? Maybe some publicity stunt? Maybe just for fun? Maybe just to get a cool picture?
  5. I think most people like the Suns ‘90s uniforms. They’re one of the exceptions of the ‘90s.
  6. Did they actually darken the colors or is it just the lighting in the picture? If they did then I agree.
  7. They got rid of the road uniform in the first Curt Schilling picture after the 2000 season and replaced it with the one in the last picture. But I agree, that was the best the Diamondbacks ever looked.
  8. ? That’s brilliant. I never noticed that. Now I like that logo even more than I already did.
  9. They already imitate the last one. And I agree I miss the snow white uniforms.
  10. I hate to ridicule someone’s opinion, but I legitimately think you’re crazy for saying that.
  11. Actually I think that bottom picture is from the ‘70s, as evidenced by the 57 Freeway, which wasn’t built until then.
  12. I agree it’s good that they’re back in navy and orange, but the uniform design leaves a lot to be desired.
  13. rxmc89

    NHL 2017-18

    Yep, that’s it. I didn’t notice it the first time either and wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t pointed it out.
  14. I was about to say the same thing. Great point except for the last sentence.
  15. I’m not a 49ers fan or a SF resident and I’m disappointed about them moving to Santa Clara.
  16. They always do that. I’m not the first person to say this, but I’m surprised they didn’t edit out the “Las”.
  17. Well one team at the end of each round is going to be playing golf, so I guess it’s kind of appropriate.
  18. I agree except I like the first one when worn with white pants and not shorts.
  19. I don’t like this design as it incorporates a cheesy motivational slogan unrelated to the team name into the uniform, but it fits this thread.